Let Kids During Class

Kid fall asleep in class.

THAT CAN CHANGE!! Very little of students are not tired during school.What about the other students that are? Well I ask a student from Bremen Middle School, if students were able to eat during class would you think you would pay more attention during school? Guess what they said? Yes! Kids complain how teachers munch in front of them. “I think its not fair if students don’t get to eat in front of teachers, but teachers chow down in front of them.” Zianna Hummel explain. We could be doing good for our students. LET’S US EAT DURING CLASS!! Snacking during school it also helps them learn healthy eating habits, like eating appropriate amounts and only when they’re hungry.

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They’re energy levels will rise up. They will pay more attention. If kids pay more attention they would do fantastic in grades. They would improve. Isn’t that what teachers want, to a reduced on D’sand F’s. Schools should consider tolet students eat during class for the greater good.