IPod/Music Technology in Class

This is a hot topic! Many people disagree over if high school students should be allowed to bring in their iPod/Music devices into class. I personally think it’s a good idea. In the next few paragraphs you will see why it’s a good idea because there are many potential benefits to this. Some of the many reasons are students focus better, keeps them from getting distracted easily, keeps them from being a distraction, and gives them fast access to research on the internet with iPod touch. First of all music makes it easier to focus on class work.

In effect it would keep many of us from getting distracted by the others in the room, for instance another student could be talking about what happened last night or gossiping about pointless stuff. This would give us students an advantage on getting school work done. The results of this would make most of us have a good grade. A lot more of us would pass our classes. That would give us a better future. So having an iPod/Music device in class is a good idea.

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Secondly, music keeps us from being the distraction to the teacher and to all the other students in the classroom. It would keep us out of trouble, if we are listening to music then we wouldn’t need to talk or horse around the room, essentially it would limit the amount of detentions and suspensions at school. Sometimes we would get bored and do something stupid like talking back to the teacher or insulting other students. Over all music prevents us from talking, getting into trouble, and disrupting the class. Also, if they have the iPod Touch they could get go on the internet and get some help with some homework if the teacher is busy helping another student and they could comparatively download apps that are educational, for example we could download a calculator for geometry, books such as a dictionary for English and we could set reminders for test dates or any other reminders so we don’t forget, we could record the teacher’s lessons so we could hear it again later.

This would save them wasted time from waiting with their hand up for a while. If they are done they could go on the internet just to do something other than listen to music (with the teacher’s approval). If a student forgot to e-mail the teacher an assignment they could do it through their iPod and wouldn’t have to leave class. As a result of this is they would get their work done faster. This could save the students from having homework. Other people say having iPod/Music technology is a bad idea for students to have in class.

They fear the music would be too loud and the student wouldn’t be able to hear an emergency bell like a fire drill. Evan if it is just a practice drill they are still worried. The Teacher would get in trouble for leaving the student behind on accident. They also think we would take advantage of the iPod/Music technology and wouldn’t listen to the teachers and play with it all hour. Anyhow the teachers, principal, and the school board could make cretin rules.

Such as have the volume low, have only one ear bud in, and only use it with the teacher’s permission. So the teacher would have complete control over the situation. If the student doesn’t follow the directions they could lose their privileges of having the iPod/Music technology use in the class depending on the teacher’s rules. Finally, Having the iPod /Music Technology in class is a good way to soothe the student’s brain, and this would take a lot of stress of them. A matter of fact this would even take stress off the teacher. In result to all of this is the students would stay on task, out of trouble, and get fast help when they need it, makes the day less stressful and most importantly they would get their homework done.

Think about it would you prefer to block out all the noise in the background and focus on your or would you prefer to be distracted easily and have homework?