Should kids have homework?

Should kids have homework? Imagine you came home from school tired.

you have three or four homework from school. it takes 25 minutes count that in total it would take 1 hour with frustration .in math problems, writhing a story that is due reading passages. when in a test that is and the next thing you know you fail the test. because the fault of homework!!! The reason why that students are falling test is that because since teachers gave them homework.

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before a test comes so then the students can’t the test because there brain can’t relax. since they homework so they got sleepy and drozzy the test. Some kids have choirs to do and sometimes have something important to do and don’t have time for homework and teachers still give them a bad grade for it and it’s not fair for students that had no time for homework. In summer it espacilly not fair for students have to do homework when is summer on 2 months in a half and in school theres 9 months and a half and in school tutorials and homework so how come we have to do homwworkin the summer kids need to relax in the summer. Finally what I think we should to is that we should have homework if we want to so student don’t have to stress about homework.