Now let us be honest with ourselves, do you really like spending most of your day on homework? Kids can spend their time on much more needed stuff rather than just doing homework. We already spend eight to nine hours five days a week glued to a desk why do we need more work. I understand that teachers may think they are giving only a little bit but only if you take out sports and clubs we do after school.

With all that work we are staying up until midnight. I wouldn’t mind staying up that late, but I have to go to school in the morning. Without that good eight hours of sleep your brain will not function well, so you will not do well in school the next morning. If teachers gave kids less homework we could get more active. Giving kids less homework more free time, and they would most likely spend that time on playing sports.

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That will also solve a problem the first lady is trying to solve. Michelle Obama is trying to solve childhood obesity, and I think having kids running around is better than sitting on a desk all day. We all have more than just one class right? Well having just a bit of homework from each class is truly hours worth of work. We have to deal with math, science, language arts, humanities, and all our electives. If teachers gave us less homework we would have more time for after school clubs and helping the community. For all those students in NJHS, peer tutoring, or anything else you are stuck doing plenty of community service.

That cuts our day in half. So because of you being helpful to the community your just hurting yourself because your grade lowers. Why must we have homework anyway because we all know kids love having homework. We already spend half our day doing work I don’t think we need anymore. If it was the weekends it wouldn’t be all that bad because we don’t spend all our time in school.

Most kids would die if they had any more homework than they already do. Most kids are failing their classes because they don’t have time to do their homework. All those kids eventually drop out of high school and work at a fast food place or just become homeless. All those kids out on the street all because they didn’t have time to do their homework. Even if we would get good test scores it would not be enough to pass the class.

If teachers think that giving us lots of homework will make us smarter well it just overuses our brains. We need to have time for us to have fun and do other stuff teenagers like to do. I can almost guarantee that absolutely no one likes to sit at a desk and work twenty four seven. I hope that I have proved my point. Teachers giving us less homework will let us be more active and cure childhood obesity, give us more sleep so our brains are fully active in the morning for school, and more time for after school clubs and community service.