Homework Abuses of Power

Did you know that both theNational Education Association(NEA) and the National PTA (NTPA) are suggesting a time of 10 minutes of after school homework per grade level per day?(According to Healthline) To give an example, someone in 6th Grade should be doing 60 minutes of homework per day. A classmate interviewed by me said he spent two hours on homework and other after school work, when he should only be spending just over an hour on homework, according to his grade level. The three reasons why homework is an abuse of power are they take valuable time away from the kids, teachers give out way too much homework and it is much pressure on the students to get it done because it impacts your grade a lot. To start off, homework is an abuse of power because it takes valuable time away from the kids. In my current experience, my grandma is coming all the way from Ohio to see me and my sister. However, our time with our grandma will be limited because of homework and other school activities required to be done at home.

Valuable times are times that should be cherished. With love and care. Not with homework. Another reason that homework is an abuse of power is because teachers give out way too much homework. Just yesterday (12/14/16) for homework I had to do a double sided math sheet, read and journal, work on 2 essays, on top of studying and reviewing for most of my classes.

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The homework part took until dinner from when I got home, and reviewing/studying took until around 7 at night. I only had approximately 3 hrs of free time. Finally, homework cause a lot of stress on students to get homework done and do it well. According to Factual Facts, students should have at least an 8-8-8 balance in their day. They say, students should have at least 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of play/relaxation, and 8 hours of school related activities.

Since school is around 7 hours, students should only be spending about 1 hour on homework, most students spend 2 hours or more on homework, it makes their regulation 8-8-8 of proportion, which can make you stressed, and even depressed. Some teachers may say that homework is extra practice to make up for the work missed in class, or to further extend a student’s knowledge on a topic. They say 2 hours isn’t a lot of time to be doing homework, but however, it really is a massive amount of time. That leaves us only a few hours to socialize, and have break. The teachers say the weekend is our break, but some teachers give us homework over the weekends, just today, (Friday the 16th) a teacher added more homework that we had to do just because it was the weekend, and he said that out loud to the class. To conclude, homework is an abuse of power because it takes time away from the students, students are oppressed with lots of homework, and homework can change your grades in classes, and decide whether you fail or pass a class.

This is a lot of pressure, and homework can majorly impact a students stress levels, which can lead to depression. All from having too much homework. Homework should be limited to th 8-8-8 standards. WORKS CITED Factual Facts, @fact. “Too Much Homework Can Cause Stress, Depression and Lower Grades, Studies Suggest – Factual Facts.

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