Kids should get their allowance

Kids should get their allowance Children’s future depends on how parents act. In their right actions, children’s future get better, thus, kids should get their allowance.

Should kids get their allowance? Psychologist mentioned that many parents think kids shouldn’t get their allowance, but that is not true. Kids should get their allowance. According to psychologist, it helps kids to learn financial literacy. There is a guy named Liever. He gives his 7 years old daughter 3 dollars per week.

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2 of the 3 dollars can be used and another dollar goes into her piggy bank. This gives children the idea of how to use money and how to save money. ( Denise Cummins, the psychologist). Secondly, children can learn how to take responsibility about things that they have to do, and they also can learn how to be honest. Many parents give their children allowance, when their children is done with homework. This ideas of finishing homework and getting allowance make children more honest and make them to take care of something so they can earn something.

Nothing in this world is free. Children knows that too, that is why they do something good before allowance. ( Denise cummins, the psychologist). Third, it helps children for their future. They learn how to use money or save money in young ages, then that fact would help them when they are grown ups. For example, most of children don’t think and buy stuff, and after some times, they regret.

This helps them to buy more valuable stuff. ( Lori Mackey, owner of Propserity4Kids,Inc.). Lastly, allowance can help kids by getting their grades up. When parents are giving allowances when their kid’s grades are good, then kids will do better on the tests or study a lot.

( Lynnette Khalfani, The money coach). In conclusion, Kids should get their allowance for their future and financial knowledges and for their grades. Allowance helps kids a lot by teaching money issues. By that, they will be immune with using money. If we want kids to be wise in the world, then give them allowances!