Hands On

Have you ever wondered how a student can learn better. If you are like most people you might say “yeah.” Well there is a way to learn better and it’s quite simple. There is some students that really don’t understand what their teacher says like me sometimes I don’t understand what my teachers say and I know that there is people out there that feel the same.

Hands on activities, are activities that you can do with your hands. Even if students think that learning is always going to be boring and hard it won’t be if teachers do hands on activities. First of all, students tend to use their hands to do thing for mostly anything. So if students like using their hands to do things they will learn better if teachers do hands on activities. I think as a students, that students will learn better if we use our hands to learn. It’s a proven fact by Raft (Resources Area For Teaching) that students rekindle a love of learning by hands on tasks.

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It says that students disconnect and don’t like learning but then after they do more hands on tasks they start liking it again. Overall, I believe that hands on activities will make students like learning. Secondly, it will be easier for students to learn with hands on tasks. I know that because I’m a student and I like to use my hands. If students do hands on tasks it will allow them to use their hands and they can also see the task in diffrent ways.

For example if the teacher says add 1 hundred plus 3 tens and 8 ones. The teacher can pull out base ten blocks and students can move the blocks and count how many it is. Another exaple would be if a teacher asks how many sides does a cube have the teacher can pull out a cube and the students can count the sides. Overall, I think that hands on tasks will alow students to see things in diffrent perspectives. Thirdly, hands on tasks will make it easier for teachers.

You may be like what how. But it does because if it makes it easier for students to understand the teacher. The students won’t ask a lot of questions to the teacher. And if the students don’t ask questions the teacher won’t have to keep stopping because if the teacher keeps stopping to answer questions the teacher will forget what he/she is saying. Overall, I think that teachers will teach better if they do hands on tasks.

In conclusion, hands on tasks will allow students to learn better. First of all, students like to use their hands a lot. Secondly, students will learn quicker with hands on tasks. Thirdly, hands on tasks will help teachers teach better. Students don’t like learning but have liked learning once.