Hard Working Student Shines above others

My school’s motto is “something for everyone.” Some students play a sport, are in an activity, or are in a club. But one junior, Mackenzie, is involved in it all. And she still manages to keep her grades way above average while being in so many activities.

Mackenzie is in Key Club, Ski Club, National Honors Society, Best Buddies, Wings, Field Hockey, and Softball. She is also an active member in her church and recently went on a mission trip to North Carolina and to Toronto, Canada. She says she is in Key Club and Best Buddies because she strongly cares for people around her. Best Buddies allows her to help the special education students and Key Club gives her a chance to do community service and communicate with others. She is in the National Honors Society and in the Wings program that helps introduce incoming freshman students and make them more comfortable with making the transition to high school. “I tend to bond really well with younger students.

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We get along well and we become friends.” During Wings, Mackenzie tried hard to make the students feel comfortable and sociable. She was as outgoing as she could be and gave them good advice for what they will face in the next four years. Mackenzie participation in Softball and Field Hockey has kept her in shape and allowed her to make friends. What makes her different than any other student is how dedicated she is.

She keeps school work her number one priority and everything else after. But what surprises so many people is how she balances keeping her grades up, being involved in sports, having so many friends, and spending time with her family. She is known by other students as an extremely kind person. Even people who may not know her very well agree that she is a good person. In addition to having good grades and being an active high school student, she has a positive attitude and outlook on life.

“I think that people should be social and be involved in sports. It’s a lot of fun!”