Honor Student

We are procrastinators and slackers, but we are also smart, devoted, diligent, hardworking, and honest with our work and ourselves. I am going to tell you the honest truth about honors students because explaining just how good we are would be very boring. I will tell you about the happy times such as our learning growth and futures and the bad times like the pressure and stress we go through. Those who are not in an honors program probably have an average work load of homework; those who are in an honors program know that the work is profuse. That is why we become procrastinators and slackers.

We hold off until the very last minute to do our homework because we decide that other less important things are more important at the time. Although we slack off a bit, we still manage to get our work done and turned in on time one way or another, whether we finish at one in the morning or during the class period before. That is typically how we have become because we are generally engaged people with active lives. Honors students are usually engrossed in many things like sports, clubs, music, jobs, and other extracurricular activities. Being busy people, we have to find time to fit in all of that plus our school work.

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Over time we have adapted to our busy schedules by getting our work accomplished no matter what it takes and becoming best friends with sparknotes.com. All of this might sound substandard, but we still succeed in getting our work done, turned in, and get good grades. When you are an honors student, you are expected to be able to handle big workloads and the rest of your life. With all of this comes a lot of pressure and stress.

Although being an honors student was a path we or our parents chose for us, most of us probably did not consider the amount of pressure and stress that we would be put through. With the large work load and extra curriculum, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do well. Some students are pressured by their parents to do well and achieve admirable grades as well. In America the idea of getting to the top through education and achieving the American dream is pounded into students’ heads from the moment they are put in school. Being an honors student, those ideas are pushed on us even more and the stress starts developing, but it’s all worth it because we are truly learning. Through all the work, pressure, stress, and busy lives we are learning more and more.

Although you can still learn a lot in regular classes, honors students really listen and apply things to life. We enjoy learning; we want to learn; well at least most students do. If you apply yourself during class, you can take out much more than what you normally would have, and that is what honors students do. We do have our off days when we do not apply ourselves but generally we work hard and are diligent in our work and learning. Education is the way up to success and that is something we understand; we know that nothing in this life will be free and if we want it we are going to have to work hard for it.

That is something we learn through being an honors student. Honors students really understand the importance of education and working hard for what we want. We are the future of America and by working hard to be in the best classes and having the best education we are working towards our future. We are working towards higher education in college and living the American dream that our teachers and parents want us to fulfill. When honors students are hard working, diligent, smart, devoted, and honest, they earn respect from their peers.

If they make good choices as well as the things I listed, they are admired and doors of opportunity are opened. Honors students are not called honors students for nothing. To be a true honors student you need to uphold these things as well as your honesty, fairness, and integrity. If you couldn’t tell, a lot of responsibility comes with being an honors student, but there’s no harm in that; it helps make you become a better person. What makes an honors student an honors student really depends on the person themselves. But in general you could say that a great honors student works very hard and gets their work done on time no matter what it takes.

They probably procrastinate a lot, but they still manage to get impressive grades. They are smart, fair, diligent, and honest in anything they do. They devote themselves wholly to whatever they are working on besides the occasional things done the day of; but everyone does that every so often. They are responsible and truly like to learn; that is what makes an honors student an honors student.