Hariet Tubman: The Moses of Her People

Harriet Tubman was known as the mosses of the Underground Railroad.

Her parents originally named her Araminta or “minty” for short. Harriet was born in 1822 and died in 1913 as an adult Harriet overcame slavery and prejudices in a time when slavery played a huge role in American history We can learn to stand up for people we care about from Harriet Tubman. As a young child Harriet Tubman always dreamed of being free. She had heard a rumor that slaves had been escaping to the west. She would often tell her mom of these rumors. Her mom never talked about escape though so she stopped badgering her mom when Harriet was six she was sold to James Cook whose wife taught her how to weave.

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But Harriet didn’t want to learn and she missed her family. Harriet had always wanted to work outside so Cook had her take care of his muskrat traps But Harriet would get sick from wading in the water to check the traps so Harriet’s mother begged for Broadus to buy her back. As a teenager Harriet was sold to mrs.Susan Susan was worse than the cooks.Harriet was forced to watch her baby at all hours of the day and night. If the baby cried in the night Susan would come in the room and give Harriet lashings even years later those lashings were still visible on Harriet’s neck.

Later in Harriet’s life she married john Tubman a free man. John was a good husband but he told Harriet if she tried to escape he would turn her in. This suppressed Harriet to never escape. Soon Harriet was rented out to Stewart who allowed her to work in his fields. During that time she also found out that her and her sisters were free unfortunately the justice system was unfair and bias .

Harriet was disappointed, she was frustrated at what had recently happened. On Harriet’s thirtieth birthday she found out she was to be sold with three of her brothers. A couple of days later her and her three brothers escaped going north following the Chop Tank River. Soon after they left they turned around frightened of being captured and severely punished. But three days later escaped alone. Many years later she said , “I had reasoned this out in my mind there was one of two things I have a right to liberty or death if I could not have one I would have another for no man shall take me alive.

” The day before she left she sang “When that old chariot comes, I’m going to leave I’m bound for the promise land, friends, I’m going to leave.”All of her friends and family thought she was only singing a spiritual song but when she escaped the found out she had been saying good bye in song as not to be caught. The journey was a great peril she would hide and sleep during day. Most days she feared of being caught in her hiding areas. Soon she made it north and was a free woman. Harriet wanted to help her friends, family and other slaves so she started helping escaped slaves.

It surprised her to find out that a group of white people were helping slaves through the underground railway. Soon she started helping too, they called her mosses. No bounty hunter could catch her she was just too smart. She helped so many slaves. Afterward she became a solider a nurse a scout and a spy.

Harriet was getting old though so she stopped living the fast life and in 1913 died. Harriet Tubman had many accomplishments in her life she helped many slaves. She escaped successful y, she was a soldier , a nurse , and a spy, but she also had many accomplishments when she was older too. She had her own stamp for her impact she made on our country. She also built the home for aged indigent colored people.

She also earned a spot on the colored women’s magazine. These are only some of Harriet’s accomplishments. There are a lot of interesting things about Harriet Tubman When Harriet was older Queen Victoria sent Harriet a silk shawl and a metal in 1892. Harriet was also the first colored person to have a stamp of her own. She also had her own ballet by: Robert De Cormier and a cantata called “They call her mosses.”Harriet was truly an amazing person.

Harriet Tubman was a true hero so courageous so noble always looking out for other people. The best hero in American history. She had such an impact.