Harrod’s: Business Communication Case Study

To become the giant of a departmental store it is today, Harrows had been buying out a lot of its competitors in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool during the 20th century. In doing so, Harrows has become a powerful world renowned brand where the rich and famous will most certainly visit during their stay at London. Main External communication – Social Media One of the strategies Harrows used to maintain a positive Public Relationship is through social media. This channel of communication enables Harrows to directly monomaniac to a worldwide audience.

Harrows sees its audiences as not only customers but contributors to social conversations about its brand.

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Furthermore, social media provides Harrows with the opportunity to create social content to differentiate itself from other brands. This is particularly important in the retail sector where companies are often selling similar products. Using methods of communications such as Twitter, Backbone and Mainstream, Harrows was able to reach a more diverse and younger audience while at the same time turning new customers Into loyal supporters.

Weakness of Social Medal Having a diverse audience also means having a wide market of different cultures.

Culture influences the way people perceive the world and how they respond to others. In other words, a good way of communicating with one person might not be acceptable for another. The definition of a word might also be different among separate cultures. It will be tremendously difficult to cater to everyone’s needs. Recommendation In order to curb this issue, my recommendation is to use plain language and avoid he use of words with multiple meanings.

The sentences used should also be short, clear and precise.

There should never be local clangs when communicating with an International audience. Internal communication – Face-to-face social events Eater examining ten external communication, we now KICK at one AT ten special internal communication Harrows use within its corporation. In order to encourage the sharing of ideas and feedback, the Managing Director of Harrows hosts a series of popular breakfast events for all the staffs within Harrows.

These events were signed to give the staffs the opportunity to talk to the Managing Director directly about the issues that affect the business. The Managing Director usually only interacts with senior managers and other high position staffs. Social events such as this helps the Managing Director understand the situation among lower-tier staffs.

This also helps build relationships within the company and creates a friendly environment for all employees. One of the reasons why Harrows is so successful today is that it gives its employees a voice for change.

The effectiveness of this approach is summed up by a Retail Manager of the name Hairy Volcano: “My views are definitely valued, I’m always asked my opinion on things – people who do the Job are acknowledged as a good information source. ” Weakness of Social Breakfast Event With more than 12,000 employees, an event such as this will be difficult to conduct. It is impossible for the Managing Director to speak and hear from every one of his employees. In addition, setting up such a huge event regularly will be very costly.

A better option is to split the employees into different groups and host individual reassess events for each group. As such, Harrows will be able to save time and cost, while the Managing Director will be able to interact with more members of the staff. Conclusion To conclude it all, Harrows did not become as successful as it is today from coincidence or luck. It was all down to smart and intellectual Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. Harrows’ future in this business looks immensely bright if it continues to run its company with this approach. Thank you for your attention.

I will now open the floor to some questions.