Hayley Williams

“Be unforgettable.” These words were spoken from the remarkable vocalist, musician, and performer Hayley Nichole Williams. This phrase could very well be used to describe herself as a successful entertainer who never seizes to leave a crowd thirsty for more. Over the years Hayley has evolved into one of the most prestigious recording artists with her band, Paramore.

Starting from age fourteen she has tested her musical abilities, come together with other famous artists, and become a positive influence to the public eye. On December 27th, 1988 Christie and Joey Williams became parents to whom was soon to be a star. It wasn’t until Hayley moved from Meridian, Mississippi to Franklin,Tennessee -due to her parents divorce- until she realized her true talent as a singer. The huge amount of fame had yet to start when she began to participate in voice lessons and school productions to get rid of terrible stage fright. At her new school Hayley came across a group of boys that would become her band-mates and newly added family members.

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It wasn’t long before they came together and decided to play covers of songs and perform at various gigs around town. In April, 2005 the band had taken off with a signed contract under the label Fueled by Ramen and began writing for their debut album All We Know IS Falling. Rolling Stone said “Paramore’s 2005 debut All We Know Is Falling reached Number 30 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart and created a buzz and critical kudos for Williams’ strong vocals and songwriting” (“Paramore”). One of William’s goals as a musician was to “make music that people, 30 or 40 years from now, wish they were around for” (“Hayley Williams:A”). From then on, Paramore was set out to be one of the most promising bands of this time. Hayley Williams began to dominate the charts as she became more well-known.

She became a great success and took many opportunities to collaborate with other artists and record songs for upcoming films. In 2007, Williams took part in the music video “Kiss Me” for New Found Glory. Hayley also joined forces with B.O.B and Eminem in 2010 to record the song “Airplanes”. “It was cool to meet people that liked music as much as I did.

As soon as we started writing together, it was pretty obvious” (“Hayley Williams”). The single reached number one in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. It was also performed for the first time together in 2010 at the VMA’s which resulted in phenomenal reviews. Keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground with no intention of leaving the band, Hayley solo-wrote and recorded the song “Teenagers” for the film Jennifer’s Body. In addition to becoming a part of the film Jennifer’s Body, the band Paramore also participated in an infamous movie known worldwide. The Twilight Saga had consumed the eyes of many viewers and Hayley Williams had a chance to be part of the significant act.

They made two songs for the movie: “Decode” and “I Caught Myself”. “Decode” had become the movies hit single and Paramore gained a larger fan-base, making the band a bigger accomplishment. Alongside movies she has been made into a character for the video game Guitar Hero World Tour. In 2008 and 2009 the singing sensation had made her way into Kerrang! Readers’Poll where she was listed as the “Number One Sexiest Female Vocalist”. Hayley has also took part in plenty of photoshoots and been a big topic in magazines promoting healthy skin and better confidence.

The Nylon Magazine editor said that “Even in black and white, Hayleys true colors shine through” (“Outakes:Hayley Williams”). This american icon is making her way through stardom, and doesn’t plan on stopping yet. Roaring with success this amazing musician has managed to keep a down to earth mentality. Williams said “If you’re gonna put your faith in something, then it better shape who you are and what people see in you” (“Hayley Williams Quotes”). She continues through her career as a supporter of many charities that effect the lives of a lot of people.

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) is an organization meant to help people who suffer from self-abuse and depression. The song “We Are Broken” from Paramore’s album Riot! was used to help mend the heartache of those that deal with this specific type of pain. Another alliance Hayley has joined is LOVE146. LOVE146 focuses on freeing the boys and girls sold into sex slave trade. When meeting some of the girls that had been rescued, Williams stated “I wanted to tell them how they were actually heroes.

It changed my life to see these stories that I’d heard for so long come to life. And I realized that Love146 wasn’t just statistics and percentages. It’s real people who deserve the same chance as all of us” (“Quote of the”). By donating money, selling merchandise, and promoting awareness for this specific cause, she has been able to become part of a life changing organization. In addition to those two very important charities, she also stands behind the charity called Invisible Children. The Invisible Children are also known as the young soldiers fighting a war in Uganda.

Hayley Williams and the band Paramore have lobbied and raised millions of dollars to contribute to the problems in South Africa. The self-less acts of this extraordinary person have been able to make huge differences by using her career to benefit the lives of others. “This is what I’ve learned, in my life: Headbanging is crucial. Growing up is hard to do. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a dress” (Williams).

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