Health Issues in Gaza

The history that reveals health issues in Gaza incorporate shortage of fresh water as a factor that contributed to the problem. This was evident when public health professionals and environmentalists warned Gazans on escalating health issues due to deficit in quality, and fresh water. The other causes that led to the situation include; lack of sewage conveyance, and improper sanitation, which poses adverse threats hence; affects health condition of public. The health issue is critical in Gaza after Israel isolated, and locked it down subjecting the strip to experience systematic crisis.

This critical situation is also evident when there is short, and unavailability of services to save life. As a result, this condition makes it difficult to access proper treatment. This affects individuals who suffer from chronic illness due to inadequate medicine, and lack of proper equipment. In addressing health issues, the problems that Gaza ought to consider is to enhance adequate sanitation, proper nutrition, medication, food, safe housing, and access to water by public and healthy working environment (Kazner 53). The past position of Gaza in addressing health issues became clear when Israel launched a report to help summarize trends, and curb health problems in Gaza by 2020.

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This led to situation where Gaza seeked for ways to rehabilitate infrastrcture, water, and, electricity to boost on social services and meet needs of people. Today, Gaza responds to health issues in region by providing 100 liters of pumped water per person for domestic use. However, this initiative fails to meet the needs of Gaza people as per the expectation of World Health Organization.To offer aid to Israel, WHO advises that the daily supply of water needs be 250 liters per capita to satisfy people. This implies that, issue of water supply did not work in Gaza because of 70 percent of shortages that Gazans experienced.

The step that worked in addressing health issues is when Gaza resolved issue of borders with Israel. This agreement allowed Gazans to receive treatment across the border when they faced short in medication. The solutions that Gaza proposed to this topic for committee to authorize are; clean supply of water, food, enhance proper sanitation, and avail treatment to public. Israel resolved the issue by first considering blockade for free supply of goods and services. This was also to provide protection to Israel against attack of Hamas at the Gaza strip. Gaza supports these resolutions because; it will pave way for opportunities which will aid in receiving assistance from other countries The country of Israel should also consider long term solution in addressing water, and sanitation in Gaza strip by embracing modern technology to reduce healtth hazards.

This long term solution is to install a treatment plant that will sort water shortages, and improve on sanitation by use of available water resources. This innovative technology will reduce contaminants in water by 90 percent, which Gaza people can consume without exposure to health hazards. The mechanisms that will ensure provision of proper food to sustain entire population in Gaza, is through the voucher programme. This project will assist to supply of food to affected population during war, which will meet urgent needs of public when it comes to food consumption. This mechanism will save lives, and protect Gazans against Gaza strip blockade that depleted food joints rendering people to suffer (Mahler 138).To increase projects within Gaza strip, Israel should resolve the blockade issues that hinder goods and movement of people across the border due to restriction on land, sea and air.

This also applies to professionals when addressing health issues in Gaza, they can travel freely when they facilitate movement by putting an end to restriction of air, land and sea. They can also ease these restrictions to allow individuals with critical conditions to travel beyond Gaza. This is possible when Israel and Egypt come to an agreement to enhance free movement across the borders. To further assist Gaza, Israel and Egypt need to negotiate to free the Gaza strip to enhance contributions from different nations.