COllege Health Issues

(Attention) By the looks of it most of you are planning on going to college. Why else would you be taking this class. Well, no matter where you go there are always going to be issues you have to face, whether it’s lack of studying, roommate disagreements, or stress. Those are important things to figure out and solve but college newbies should start eating a little healthier so I’m here to talk to you about the health issues in College such as weight gain, poor health, and lack of energy, how they affect you, and ways to prevent them.

(Need) I don’t know if any of you agree but one of my biggest fears of going to college is to gain the “Freshman 15.” Or described in Australia calls them the “First Year Fatties.” It’s a term used to describe the weight new college student collect from the first year that can haunt them until they graduate and even follow them to adult years. There are many many ways a college student can gain weight or become unhealthy, for example It’s a fact most college students don’t have much money. They have tuition and book fees to pay for.

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Everything in college is expensive except for ramen noodles, mac n cheese, or T.V. Dinners you can just put in a microwave and cook in about three minutes. Boom a quick meal that cost you a few dollars. Even though that one meal was your whole 2,000 calories for the day.

If only fruits and veggies didn’t cost four times as much. Instead of reaching for an Apple to take to class you grab a bag of delicious chips or a bagel. Next would be alcohol consumption. says when consuming alcohal your body stops metabilizing everything so it can metabolize the alcohal.

Also, regular drinking can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. When you go to a party I doubt thatthe appetizers are fruit salads and a vegetable trays. Which is not good considering to some people alcohol makes them crave tasty foods. Speaking of tasty foods, how about some McDonald’s or Taco Bell. College kids like to use these fast food joints to grab a quick cheap bite before hurrying to their next class.

Now I hope you all understand that fast food is like super bad and fatty right. Eating it alone can gain you 15 pounds in the first semester. My last example is students not having enough time to visit a gym and not sleeping enough. According to about 80% of college freashmen don’t take time for excercise.

Not getting a good night’s sleep can cause your metabolism to slow and you won’t have as much energy the rest of the day.You’re all by yourself in this. You are the one to now make your decisions. If you want to stay up all hours of the night, binge drink, and skip classes no one’s stopping you. It’s not like stuffing your face with fatty foods is illegal, go ahead do it as much as you like. Plus no one’s going to force you to go to a gym, it doesn’t affect others.

It’s all on you to make good habits before you start bad ones. If you do begin the bad habits they’re a lot more difficult to get out of then into. (Satisfaction)There are a few ways shown on the site to help you before you turn to the dark, unhealthy side. First of all try to stay active. In free time walk or ride a bike or maybe you have a class a good walking distance you can walk to it.

Also, most colleges have a decent gyms with decent equipment,so instead of snacking because you’re bored in your spare time, you can workout, get some exercise and burn all those unwanted calories. A big one would be swapping partying to a good night’s sleep. Skipping all that alcohol and appetizers, just head home so you can sleep and know you’ll wake up tomorrow with energy and no hangover. You’ll be set to go to class and hopefully be on time. Colleges usually have a cafeteria which you’ll pay for if you stay in a dorm.

They will serve good and bad foods. It’s up to you to choose the one that you’ll benefit more from, but please have common sense. (Visualization)Imagine going through college always tired, unhealthy, and gaining weight. These are not things that help motivate yourself to get you through your future years. There are things you need to watch like unhealthy eating and not getting enough sleep and you won’t enjoy college as much as you could. Develop healthy eating habits and walk as much as possible.

Partying is fun at the time but regret waking up with a pounding headache and a class starting around 15 minutes. (action) lets take actionby turning the “Freshman 15” into a myth by following the examples you’ve heard. When you go to college you want to feel your best, be your best, and do your best.