Hello Kitty Company Sample Report

The company up to this point was not what made it so popular throughout the ages. Rather, it was three years later that Kitty Organization, which was known as Associated Theatres Ltd.

back then, unveiled their very first luxurious air-conditioned cinema which was housed inside Singapore’s very first skyscraper, The Kitty Building. The company functioned on the tagline “the air-cooled luxury of The Kitty where every seat is an arm chair”4. In 1942, The Kitty screened its’ very last movie before it was converted into a Red Cross casualty station 5 due to World War II.

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We will know if you copied. G902-Professional Profiling By 1995, several bowling centre under the Kitty Bowl subsidiary has been opened. But 1995 also marked the date that Kitty’s Orchard cinema was closed for renovations for two years, no doubt to prepare it for the competition to come as Silver Town and Haw, both competing cinema providers were picking up.

While there were many achievements for Kitty, it was in 2001 that Kitty joined the “cyberrace” by launching its online service for purchase of movie tickets online.

Having beaten its competitors over the years by providing revolutionary out-of-the-box entertainment (such as, the very first luxurious cinema in Singapore, drive-In cinemas, Kitty Bowl, Picture House), Kitty once again topped the competition by being the first to introduce commercial films in digital format7, a format which was just picking up pace at that time. However, competition was growing and for an organization to survive, it must continue to take risks, innovate and continue to expand within boundaries. B. The Recent Years