Henry Ford's Impact in the Car Industry

Henry Ford‘s business principles and ideas for mass-production gave him distinct advantage in acquiring wealth after he produced the right product for the market. That product was the Model T and later a Ford car that became the dominant force in the motor industry. In the article, “The History of Model T’s”, it states, “Henry Ford’s revolutionary advancements in assembly-line automobile manufacturing made the Model T the first car to be affordable for a majority of Americans.” This shows how since the product wasn’t extremely expensive so much more people would purchase it, and Henry Ford would gain a lot of money in return. The assembly line played a huge role because it helped gain more workers to the industry to make him become even more wealthy.

The same article states, “Assembly-line production allowed the price of the touring car version to be lowered from $850 in 1908 to less than $300 in 1925.” This indicates how as years passed, in order for transportation to be more reliable on people in the middle-class , they had to drop the price to make people more interested to advance and make more of automobiles like these in order to make life easier , making Henry Ford a responsible source when it comes to gaining this much wealth. Even though , some experts believe that Henry acquired his riches in a negative way , in reality it was an opportunity fortypical Americans to gain luxuries like upper-class do as well , which led others to use this as a replacement for public transportation , which helped make Henry Ford become rich. In the end, the invention of both, the Model T as well as the assembly line caused Henry Ford to acquire his wealth. Henry Ford treated his workers in numerous positive ways throughout his industry life. First of all, Henry Ford had sympathy to the workers at the Ford Company and realized that they deserve to get paid more unlike his stressful labor life.

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For example, in the book, “1910-1920 The Clamorous Eras”, it says, “Ford doubled his workers’ pay from an average wage of 2.34 to 5 per day and at the same time to the nine-hour shift to eight hours.”This proves that even though his workers took a lot of effort to build these cars, it now offered one hour of more freedom as well as better pay, since the assembly line made it quick and cheap and this made more workers be required to have experience with technology like this. Another way that Henry Ford treated his workers is that he hired anyone who was low skilled and even disabled in order to get 100 %( percent) gains as well as give them high pay to show their importance in the motor industry. For example, in the article, “Henry Ford Biography”, it says, “Simple to drive and cheap to repair, half of all cars in America in 1918 were Model T’s.

” This demonstrates that since Henry Ford respected knowledgeable people, many workers were interested in working at his factory, that lead to Henry to easily hire and fire workers because there was always plenty of mechanics that put effort for assembling these cars which changed the perspective of travel. In the end, Henry Ford consists of many attributes that gave benefits to his industry workers. Henry Ford spent his money like many other good industrialists, donated their funds to charity as well as to advance their industries. To begin with, not only did he make more power plants and factories with his wealth, but he also has a charity known as the Ford Foundation. This charity fund helped for many causes like community development, peace, social justice, knowledge, creativity and freedom.

For instance, in the article on Henry Ford, “Learning to Give”, it states, “He left the largest shame of his estimated 500-700 million dollars of wealth to the foundation he created.” This conveys the fact that he made sure that his money will not be taken away from robber barons, for the wrong purpose but instead a way that he can leave with an impact for society. Secondly, there were many loans made through giving money to this foundation as Henry Ford. In the research, it also states, “To date, it has provided over 12 million in grants and loans.”This illustrates Henry Ford’s desire to donate so much that he had to borrow money in and pay this off later to help humanity now, not the future because he felt the connection for families that had breast cancer since his wife faced it as well making him even more generous in those types of foundations.

Ultimately; there are numerous ways that Henry Ford spent and donated his money. After gathering the information above, Henry Ford is considered a captain of industry when it comes to how he treated the wealth and workers received throughout his life. Henry Ford pioneered mass production from Ransom Old’s unclear idea of the assembly line by improving on it. For example , in the article , “History: Henry Ford” , it says , “The plant included a glass factory , steel mill , assembly line and all other necessary components of automotive production….Ford opened plants and operations throughout the world.” This illustrates that instead of having manufactured goods being assembled to a central location where it had to be brought making this highly inefficient, he can make Model T’s now in 24 seconds by 1927, making him a captain of industry since he was able to give more and make it cheap which caught consumers who were willing to buy these new automobiles which did not exist before his time.

Another way that Henry Ford is a captain of industry is that he made sure the community was connected with donating to the Susan G Komen cure since his wife had breast cancer and left a hospital with money in order for his son to establish afoundation as well as even hired disabled workers to his motor company because he felt that everyonedeserves a chance , which can express the fact that a captain of industry also makes sure that others are taken care of before their wealthy revolutionized selves. In the book, “1910-192 The Clamorous Era”, it says, “If we could put the Mexican person to work, treating him fairly and showing him the advantage of treating his employers fairly, the Mexican problem would disappear.” This demonstrates that Henry Ford is not prejudice on how he hires race like how he hires by religion, where in a different article he states that many people blame the Jews for problems in the economy. On the other hand, several experts believe that Henry Ford was a robber baron because of cruel working conditions and him behaving like a tyrant as well as a dictator when it came to making Ford motor cars. However, if a captain of industry wouldn’t be strict that shows the weak emphasis that they want to transition industry and give up their happiness in order to revolutionize America. Finally, Henry Ford demonstrated himself as a captain of industry by showing how he advanced industry, treated his workers and how he spent his money for the sake of the community.

After doing thorough research of Henry Ford, he impacted the American society in numerous ways. In the beginning, Henry Ford impacted the American society by make industries more rapid as well as make Model Ts so common back then that it created the middle-class lifestyle and jobs. In the article , “Henry Ford-An Impact Felt” , it states, “In all of this Henry Ford put Americans to work , not just in factories , but in supporting the products of his production and serving the people that used them.” This proves that with this creation, it let Americans become more creative to put restaurants, motel and traveler destinations to dot the landscape. Also, Henry Ford impacted the American society by inspiring industries to make their manufacturing cheaper and quicker with the assembly line by accepting people with low skills for high wages that allowed them to make faster deliveries with goods.

For example , in the article, “Henry Ford , the Man Who Changed America-American Profile”, it says , ” “The U.S could crank out everything from shell casings to combat boots at rates that neither the Germans nor the Japanese thought would be ever possible….we could build ships faster than they could sunk.”.”This indicates that Henry Ford’s triumph indirectly helped World War 2 since most industries decided to use this method of assembly line to turn out massive amounts of material instead so it can stay close to the script of the American dream instead of complex financial juggling.

Through it all, Henry Ford’s spirit that’s company bears through his name has demonstrated that it can still build cars and trucks in a way that alters the American scene as well as impact its society.