Hewitt-Packard Company

Report on HP In the case study of HP, there are a number of problems that have appeared to be making the corporation to lag behind in its production business. Given the number of problems that are being experience in the firm, it is essential that the real problems be synthesized in order to generate several recommendations that will be used in order to improve the firm.From the case study, the following problems were identified as the bottle necks facing HP Corporation. There problems identified were: Slow decision making: Decision making is defined as a cognitive process that comes about in the selection of the best course of action from a variety of alternatives. This is a very important factor that determines the progress of any given organization, such that if poor decisions are made, then a given organization must experience a number of drawbacks to it development.

From the reading of the case, it is evident that the entire corporation experiences problems in decision making which makes in lag behind when faced with several issue to handle. The slow decision making process has been associated with the challenges the adoption and use of the companies matrix structure which mandate that a heads of sales to report to a number of different head of sections at once. This process is cumbersome and time costly in terms of time particularly when it comes to strategic decisions that require short time for execution. The lack of vision in the firm is another issue that has surface from the HP case study. First, the corporation has its slogan being digital, virtual, mobile, personal”. This slogan has been regarded to be vague and lacking a sense of direction.

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It is also not know whether the company is working towards the slogan or is it just a statement for isplay. The vague slogan is one of the problems facing the company given that it has combined itself with the under management that is characteristic of the firm. While the firm may appear to be saving on cost, the other sections of the firm suffer as a result of poor management Management skills can be defined as the tools a manager uses to run an organization. These are peculiar abilities that differ from one individual to another. Management skills can also determine the status of an organization depending on whether the management skills are adequate or inadequate.

In the case of HP, the managers are few and these makes reporting to them a tedious work to do. This problem of lack of vision is based on the poor management emanating from under management. The other problem that slowed down that rate at which HP is growing has been its systems of rewards. Systems of rewarding are also significant in determining the progress of a company or organization (Schein, 2010). Rewarding employees is seen as the provision of incentives to employees as well as recognizing them, both individually and as the stakeholders of the group, because of their performance and contributions to the mission of the agency.HP’s system of rewards seems to lack the direction in achieving the goals of such systems.

For instance, the system is so complex to the extent that the employees are not aware of the benefits they can receive. This complexity has therefore reduced the extent to which the workers are motivated. Recommendations The poor management of this particular company is harmful to the extent that workers are unable to work at their best (, 2007). It is therefore necessary for HP to carry out different staffing in order to recruit new manager who will handle the diffeerent department and thus facilitate the execution of the company’s strategic activities. The new CEO should strive for the improvement of the company’s management skills which is central in the attainment of strategic objective laid down in the company.

With proper staffing, HP will be better placed carry out various businesses processes with ease and precisionDuet to the poor performance of HP’s workers due to the complex motivation schemes, it is critical that a new motivation scheme be developed. The company’s employees remained unmotivated because they were not shown any kind of reward for the daily hard work and commitment. The CEO should therefore use simpler systems of rewarding employees, such that these employees can realize that their efforts are worth the pay. Leadership style There is need to change the leadership style at HP in order to accommodate employees who may feel that their efforts are not being recognized at work. Given that some employees feel that they are being overworked, it is critical that workers are given an opportunity to work and not being forced to deliver. A relaxed form of leadership and dialogue can prove essential in improving HP’s case.

Way forward The management of the HP Company should however put more emphasis on the new strategy that has been implemented by in given that the company has risen up. The decision to keep working on the current strategy is based on the growth that HP has so far experienced in terms of increased volume of business. If there should be any change in the strategy being used, business operation of HP can suffer from lack of coordination between the various divisions. This will bring more economic difficulties for HP even when it is struggling to improve its performance.