Machining Company

The business organization analyzed in this case study is referred to as On-sight Maintenance and Machining Company. The main driving motto in the On-Sight Maintenance and Machining is to ensure that all the jobs entrusted to them are well handled. Their running philosophy is clearly stated as “our job is to get you up and running again.” Business structure The main aim as to why On- Sight Maintenance and Machining Company was formed was to help facilitate mining. In order to meet the interests of their customers, On- Sight Maintenance and Machining Company has ventured in highly improved mechanical as well as material design. In addition to the advanced maintenance practices, the company has vested in more superior and innovative operations.

In the whole set of involvement, the main achievement of the company is to realize efficient operations. On- Sight Maintenance and Machining Company deals majorly in upgrades and repairs of machines. The driving goal is to ensure that machines perform at their best efficiencies. Due to the well qualified and disciplined professional approach, On- Sight Maintenance and Machining Company has been able to meet the overall needs of the clients. The areas of qualifications under which the company has employed specialists inclue: welding, industry machining, rigging and mill righting. On- Sight Maintenance and Machining Company has a well elaborate management structure.

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The management structure runs all through from the managing director, the project managers to the employees as well as other workers within the company. The project managers are very committed and usually dedicated towards delivering the best services to the customers. Due to very well coordinated team, all the necessary materials are secured and equipments as well as materials fetched in time. The main goal of such co-ordination is to ensure that all the customers’ projects are delivered well in advance but still at the required high standards.Business model On- Sight Maintenance and Machining Company has a well established business model. Based on the business model highlighted above, the Company a well structured means which it uses to maintain its performance.

On- Sight Maintenance and Machining Company has focuses its centre on the innovation work and skills. Through this innovation work, the company is able to navigate higher with the improving levels of technology. Apart from innovation, there are four other strategies of performance upon which the company relies. Through the revenue moddel, the company checks on how much tax it is able to drive to the revenue authorities. The competitive strategy helps the company to evaluate itself against its competitors. Through the value proposition, the company is well placed at a position to evaluate its assets as well as deduce their periodical depreciations.

The final strategy is the growth strategy which enables the company to check and evaluate its financial growth rate For a long time, the company has inculcated the policy and culture of success in its operations. The high standards of operation are due to continued commitment in the job procedures. The well qualified workmanship as well as proper management in the company has ensured stability in success. Through properly coordinated structure of performance, on- Sight Maintenance and Machining Company has goal oriented and self motivated employees. In addition to the well induced performance, the employees are also trained on high safety standards as well as good workmanship.The above model is very beneficial for every business organization due to its unlimited ability to monitor the periodical performance of an organization.

For a business to achieve a culture of success in operations, then the business model must be up to the standards.