Carter Cleaning Company

Staffing refers to determining what type of people you should hire; recruiting prospective employees; selecting employees; training and developing employees; setting performance standards; evaluating performance; counseling employees; negotiating employees. Staffing the company with the right human capital by Identifying the skills and competencies that are required to perform the Jobs and the type of people that should be hired. Sourcing candidates and establishing an efficient and effective recruiting and selection process will be an important first step.

The second specific HER problem that the Carter Cleaning Company will have to grapple with is planning.

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Strategy of” related diversification” by adding new services that were related to and consistent with Jack Carter’s existing coin laundry activities. Planning define as establishing goals and standards; developing rules and procedures; developing plans and forecasting. Planning and establishing operational goals and standards and developing rules and procedures to support business goals and strategies.

Failure to do so will result in a lack of clarity around performance expectations down the line as each store becomes operational. Then, next HER problem in Carter Cleaning Company will have to grapple with is organizing.

It’s because expanded line of services, Jack Carter renamed each of his two stores Carter Cleaning Centers and was sufficiently satisfied with their reference to open four more of the same type of stores over the next 5 years.

Organizing refers to giving each subordinate a specific task; establishing departments; delegating authority to subordinates; establishing channels of authority and communication; coordinating subordinates’ work. Implementing effective performance of management through setting performance standards, high quality appraisal of performance, and providing ongoing performance coaching and feedback to develop the abilities of each person and support positive employee relations.