Case Study of Sunshine Cleaning System

What differentiates the work of Couch to management? The work of couch to management differs mainly in that the work of coach leadership style used preparation , main idea stimulates the employee (in order to motivate himself ) , through the preparation, so you can proceed correctly within the organization , this means that the employee may make decisions more successful way and as a result have a positive impact on the organization , thus fulfilling the goals set in synergy with the satisfaction of all individuals involved in the system .

The traditional management style of leadership uses control as a representative figure of the company managers base their control on the same authority .

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2) Why the Sunshine management emphasizes the cross- participation of employees ?

The transverse employee participation ensures the company an inter – relationship between the areas of the organization, you can have more certainty of counsel and different views for one situation , contrary to what happens when most of the decisions are centralized , processes lose speed and resolution companies may have inefficient processes and procedures , formal working groups were not threatened , when employees engage transversely can Increase productivity without considering parameters such as man-hours . 3) reasons why management practices emphasizes accountability and Innovation and rewards employees for showing these traits ? Develop knowledge , employees must continuously this preparation and should learn at a rate higher learning , this may result ultimately In higher profits for the organization