Case Study on Redundancy

Redundancy Case Study:

Redundancy is the term related with labour law which is associated with the stop of the labour relations between the employer and employee. The issue of redundancy is described and explained in the employment contract and general labour law of the country. Redundancy is possible from the initiative of the employee, if he has found a better job or he has just decided to resign from the occupation because of various reasons. Then, redundancy can be the result of the poor quality of the employee’s work and the employer decides to fire the employee and recruit another one, who will fulfill his duties better. Next, a great number of employees have to give up their job because of the health problems.

The workplace can cause stress and consume much energy and the person becomes exhausted with the run of time and the best solution is to change the job. The employee can lose his workplace because of the process of reorganization of the firm.The employer decides to reorganize the company and change its structure and the approach towards the process of production and many employees become useless and unnecessary and have to quit the job. Finally, redundancy occurs because of the stop of the work and existence of business and this process does not depend on employer and employee, because such incidents as bankrupting and other factors leave both employer and employee without a job. The issue on redundancy is quite a serious one, because is explains the factors which can cause unemployment and the general organization of a firm and the model of its human resource management.Redundancy is an interesting topic for research and the student is able to complete a good case study which would be enough informative and useful to clear up the issue from all sides.

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The young professional can observe the matter from the general point of view, pay attention to the factors and types of redundancy and then dwell on the case presented by the teacher. The student is asked to research the aspects of the case, the cause of redundancy, the effect on the firm and the employee and suggest a constructive solution to the problem. He case has to be observed from the point of view of the expert and the professor waits for the student’s wise decisions.One is able to prepare a successful case study if he observes the manner of writing, composition of the text and its format in a free example case study on redundancy written by the qualified person.It is a plus to have the chance to write a good text with the help of a free sample case study on redundancy designed and edited by the real professional.