In Sunshine And In Shadow

In the story “A Rose For Emily ” William Faulkner portrays Emily as an unhappy, old-fashion, and passionate women though the story these different roles take places that effects the story as a whole who struggles with letting go of her past in order to capture the heart of a man who does not want her. This rejecting leads to a disatures ending and the unveiling of a well-kept secret William Faulkner uses Homer Baron to desmonated Emily’s passionate desire to love and be loved.

Emily was so obsessed about Homer that she goes to the extreme to keep him “mine”. Emily felt that if she could not have him then no one could. William Faulkner wanted to convey the true passion for Homer that Emily possessed for him. She was so determined to make Homer her husband that she bought expensive designers gifts for him “we learned that Miss Emily had been to the jeweler’s and ordered a man’s toilet set in silver, with the letters H.B. on each piece”().

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That act of desperation was to prove that she was determined to be married and was hoping to convice homer as well. Emily’s obsession with had made her believe that marriage was non negotiable. Emily then to reinforce the fact that Homer was to become her husband by purchasing Homer a “complete outfit of men’s clothing”. Emily wanted to make Homer feel wanted and she wanted Homer to be her husband extremely bad. Emily is also portrayed as a very old-fashion woman.

Emily was not old-fashion because she did not understand fashion or styles but old-fashion has been the only thing that she has ever known ever since Emily was a child. Emily regard for tradition is when the town got free postal service and “Miss Emily alone refused to let them fasten the metal numbers above her door and attach a mailbox to it ” During her youth, people went to the post office to receive their mail and Miss Emily obviously intended to keep it that way. Miss Emily was unwilling to accept the changing times in the city while everyone progressed. Faulkner uses the actions of Emily and those around her to build Emily as a traditional character. Emily also displays her very stubborn altitude throughout the whole story. William Faulkner uses this emotion to help reinforce her old-fashion ways.

The first instance of Emily’s stubbornness is when she is confronted about her taxes and repeatedly claims “I have no taxes in Jefferson”. Emily is unwilling to listen to the reasoning of the city officials, because she is set in the fact that her taxes had been remitted. She is averse to the fact that as time passed the people and the rules of the town changed. Another example of Emily’s stubbornness was the entire situation with Homer, specifically the fact that she killed Homer. Emily is willing to go to any lengths to keep her world the way she wants it.

She killed Homer so she could hang on to him, not giving him the chance to leave her. Emily is too stubborn to let Homer go, so she took the most drastic measures to keep him. Emily shows her stubbornness throughout the short story; by the way of her actions and the way others see her. William Faulkner uses Emily to display the some very key moments and very important roles in the story. Emily highlighted some very key events and actions within the story.

Emily was a passionate, old-fashion and unhappy woman but that was her way of life and she wad determined to enjoy her life her own way. William Faulkner uses Emily not only to display the key roles of her character but also the effects of love can have on a person. Just as the saying goes… ” Love can make you do crazy thing