High Quality Education

Religion has also been in the frontline in ensuring the provision of high quality education in the society. For instance, some religions have established schools and other educational institutions with the intention of making sure that people in the society have access to quality education in the society. This is highly imperative because educated people play a key role in the development of a society and promoting the economic stability of a nation. In essence, many religions focus on the establishment of education institution with the aim of eradicating poverty in the society.

Eventually, this reduces the dependency ratio in the society since a good number of people are independent. Although religion has many benefits in the society, religious beliefs from some religions serve as limitations in the society and have negative effects on the people’s way of life. One of the main negative effects that religion has in the society is a situation where women are denied their right to abortion because some religions oppose abortion. For many years, many people in the society have conflicted opinions and disagreements on the matter of abortion, and most religions oppose abortion among women. However, many people in the society are believe that women should be granted the freedom to make decision related to abortion. This conflict of opinion between religion and societal beliefs has left many women perplexed between their freedom of choice on abortion and the religious beliefs.

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This has made them unaware of the right decision to make on matters related to abortion. Another negative effect that religion has in the society is the fact that some religion are resistant to condom use. Despite the fact that condoms play a key role in prevention of HIV/Aids spread, some religions encourage believers to resist condom use, and regard the act as immoral. To some extent, this can make believers more vulnerable to the risk of contracting HIV/Aids. Despite the efforts of governments from different nations to encourage its citizens to use condoms so as to counter the faster spread of HIV/Aids, some religions are still resistant to the government policy on condom use.

Such religious beliefs have negative impacts on people in the society because they are indecisive on the whether to make their decisions based on their religious beliefs or on what is appropriate in protecting their lives. Therefore, some religious beliefs might increase social problems in the society if not handled carefully by members of a society. Some of these beliefs can also affect the stability of a country, for instance, if the number of people who contract HIV/Aids increase due to their resistance to condom use, there will be high dependency ratio in a country. This compels the government of a country to allocate more funds on catering for the needs of such people at the expense of other vital projects in the society.