High School Graduation Speach

Life is not a journey, it is full of journeys. We have already completed several journeys through growing up and now we are upon completing our six year journey at this school. As we start a new chapter of our life and go off to college, we are given a fresh new start and will be surrounded by fresh new faces. You can be whoever you want to be.

The person you are now won’t be the same person you’ll be in twenty years. Think about how much different we are now from when we were ten years old. When I was ten, I was really fat. Back then our journey end goal was to complete elementary school and go off to school. Once we got there, everything changed for us just as it will change again for our first year off at college. We are introduced to lockers where we will store all the books that give us so much homework.

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We aren’t looking towards college; the only thing in our future we’re working towards is Summer Vacation. Then once Summer Vacation ends and summer reading reports are once again due, we get used to our new lockers in the dark, crowded basement and memorize our new lock replacement combinations because we either lost out old ones or have it and just can‘t remember the combination. A year passes and now we’re officially in high school. Along with that title comes an extra class every day. Three more years pass and now we’re graduating. This time, after Summer Vacation, we won’t be coming back here to the same old building we‘ve gotten so used to; we will go to different colleges to study in different fields.

Look no further than what is immediately ahead and do not dwell in the past. One day in the near future you will be in a similar situation as we are in now: at graduation, only it will be from college instead of high school. You will look back on today and ask yourself what about you has changed since then. Have I become a better person? Have I learned what I need to be successful? How have I grown? Hopefully you will have a good answer for each of these questions. From there you will get a job, get married, raise children and watch them walk the same journeys you walked.