Higher Education: Right or Privilege

“The Whole Purpose of Education is to turn a mirror into a window ” ~Sydney J. Harris~ Many,many students nowadays get their chance to learn basic at the nearest school,boarding school or private school,using scholarship or just use their parents’ money.Some are blessed with cleverness,some are blessed with a chance to let their wings fly and some may just need some effort in education. As usual,after graduated from high school,you can continue your life wether you want to continue your study or not.So,higher education?Is it a privilege of the student or a right of the student?From what I had studied and understand,I emphatically said that privilege in this is for example,you’re rich so you can go continue your higher education easily.You’re smart,so you can get a scholarship to continue your education.

Right,for example is everybody has the right to continue their education and government and some prestigious companies should give all the students in the country a scholarship to claim their ‘right’ for education.So,higher education is a privilege. Why?Because universities and collegues were made for intelligent people who really deserve it.So,if everybody goes to universities and collegues,we might have about 50%-76% students that can’t survive in it.Then they will fail the exam and the company or the government who sponsored scholarship for them will get bankrup to pay for every semester. Second,if people less clever get into college or university and graduate and be a candidate for the ballot campaign and win the vote,they still can’t run the country well because they came from the less intelligent although they went to university.

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This is because during their time in the university,they got sponsored so they don’t have to worry about the losing of scholarship because they have their ‘right’ for education.So it will not make them regret of failing the test in the university. The next if there is no ‘if’.As we all know,rich kids who enter private school always receive more attention from the teachers,because there’s lack of students there.So,a person who receive enough attention from their teachers will get at least past the test.

When they grow up and don’t have any scholarship or they use their parents money,at least they could survive because of the intelligence made by their teachers during private school.I must say,usually people in normal school have lack of attention so they don’t behave around.If people like this end up in college or university or A level,they could not care less about their attitude and could bring upon shame to the college, or whatever stuff it is that they study. Next,rich student or smart student apply the rules in their life.Be a good one.Who knows what is good and what is bad.

So that would make them deserve the scholarship more than the others.We could not give the scholarship easily like giving sweets to little kids.We need to value the person wether they could really deserve it or not.Plus,as for my country,Malaysia,now currently is facing with economical problem,and they’re cutting down 45% – 55% of the scholarship.As a student,we need to race up with others to show them that we really really deserve it and wont waste it as it is valuable.

In a nutshell,as a human and adult,we couldnt show them the scholarship like that.Long years ago,we already raced up with others to have it.So we need to continue this good bequest as it is a healthy competition between students.With that and thank you.