The Rising Problems of Higher Education

Dear President Barack Obama, my name is Kira Armstrong and I’m a junior at Grove High School in Grove, Oklahoma. At your first inauguration speech you made very clear that you were concerned with the rising prices of college tuition. As I viewed your statements regarding the problems this country is facing such as corporate outsourcing of jobs, rising college tuitions, unemployment, bringing home the troops from the middle-east, and your policies on green energy it urged me to re-evaluate my opinion on how this country is run. It reshaped my opinion on this direction the country should take. As a high school junior I realize the forthcoming problems I and many others, face in preparing to go to college, I am concerned about this serious issue: how am I and so many other young people going to pay for college? College education is becoming unachievable for many every year.

Why? Many people believe that money can solve anything, but they’re gravely mistaken. Since the first schools were established in the 1600’s, they have been the backbone of the United States. Rising tuition price keep many bright, young adults from pursuing their life-long aspirations. Over 25% of students in College drop-out due to overwhelming prices for tuition. The young adults who will soon be graduating from high school are America’s “future”, and without the cooperation of everybody in America, which includes the middle-class workers and the high end Corporate CEO’s, they have a very dim future. The outlook for a college education for many young adults future is becoming more of a fantasy than a reality.

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Many students dream about going to Princeton or Harvard when they’re young. For some it comes true, but for many others it doesn’t. Over half the student body of any college will have a substantial debt up to at least $70,000 to $100,000, depending on the major and how many years they spend. The lucky and successful ones have little or no debt due to scholarships or their lack of financial need.

College tuition approximately raises 10% each year, and some believe that college is beginning to be only for the wealthy. This is a huge downfall for American society. The working class is the engine that makes America run and has been ever since the Industrial Revolution. Many students drop-out of colleges and universities because that of finances and lack of preparation. Throughout the world, every country is “owned” by the big corporations and always has and always will be.

If we can’t change the corporations, let them profit from our graduating classes. Instead of going away from the big corporations, go towards them. Nothing is ever accomplished by ignoring basic problems. “Our problems can be solved. Challenges can be met. We still have the best workers, best businesses, best scientists, best researchers, the best colleges and universities” (Obama).

If we only supported the brightest young people of America, everyone would reap the reward including big corporations and the government. By not doing so, not only are the young intelligent students having their future ripped away, but also many businesses are losing their chance to expand. By giving financial support and the many college students would succeed in graduating. They would get better paying jobs, and government, big corporations, and even small businesses would reap the rewards. While the cost of education is rising not only in the U.S but also around the world the wages for many is staying the same.

College students who work a job and only go to school half time will still be in debt by graduation. People are paid minimum wage. As the tuition price goes up, the dollar signs continue to scare the young adults who are destined for something great away. If the government and big corporations can’t realize the necessity for the college graduates, they need to rethink their position. College graduates are America’s back-bone. Mr.

President, remember who has the key to our future- the college graduates.