Highschool Cliches

There are truly a monumental amount of groups in high school, maybe as many as a hundred, but then there are those utterly cliche groups, the ones that show up in all those bad movies, *cough cough highschool musical*, the ones that seem to always exist; theres the jocks, the cheerleaders, the dancers, the nerds, the outcasts, the theater nerds, the band geeks, choir kids, and the popular. Yes of course you have heard of these groups, or niches, but, can you truly say you have dealt with them first hand? I would suspect not, so grab your notepad and have a gander at my view of the world. First we start with the ever prevalent jocks, one of the ideal stereotypes everyone seems to revere for some unknown reason.

They are usually also in the popular category, everyone goes to the games to support them, their names are well known, and they usually are not subject to rules as the rest of us, whether this is merely from their own lack of caring or by the teachers own volition I know not. Next is the two groups of overexcited preppy brats, the dancers and the cheeleaders. While they are quite similiar in their attitude of superiority, there is one advantage to the cheerleaders than the dancers, cheerleaders might be equally as annoying, but they only really show it on spirit days and such, unlike dancers who are a constant irritant, i suppose they are a…rather interesting group, though not my cup of tea, though I suppose I am rather biased in my opinions I just rather don’t like this group.

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Maybe it is due to their general rudeness to techies running their show, or just the “I’m Superior” attitude they put out. Or dare I say it…it may be due to the time I had a wrench thrown at me barely missing my head by one of them. Nonetheless they are rather annoying to me and many others to boot, though I suppose you must be a dancer to understand the dancers.

The nerds and outcasts, ah a fun group, truly fantastic people, because, they just dont care; not about others views on them, going trends, or even to much about life itself. All that in itself commands a certain level of respect from me due to their sheer uncaring of others opinion. Though many of them light be a tad strange, overall they are all usally very fun and accepting people, often even providing amazing arguments and opinions far far from the normal view on life. The next group of people definitely has to be my favourite though by far for very obvious reasons. Though the theater is usually a place for acceptance and loyalty, the truth of the matter is that is only on the surface. the theater is really a place if backstabbing and dirty politics, of rumors and gossip, of over excessive consequences to those who arent favourites by the director.

Many are expected to be unthinking tools used to put on a show. Though at the same time it is a place of fun and enjoyment. There is nothing else in the world like the feeling of a successful play, where everyone remembers you and will tell you how fantastic you are. Occasionally you will make a good friend who won’t turn on you in any circumstance, the type of friendship that goes on for a lifetime. The theatre is also a place of hard work and perseverance with long hours required, sometimes running as late as 10:30 at night.

And next we have tech…ah my favourite, tech is i suppose, involved with theater, but it is certainly not part of it. Oh no you see, we techies exist only in the dark behind the stage, frequently dressed in all black, we move like the shadows and only exist to our own kind; we also exist in one of our two safe havens, the beloved shop, filled with our tools of creation and destruction, or the booth, the locked sanctum high above the rest of the world. It is in these places that we orchestrate the show, building, running lights, as well as sound.

The very power to ruin or make a show lies at the press of a single button, we do it not for the actors, but for our selfs, for no one appreciates the techs you see, sure we go down get acknowledged at the end, but it is begrudingly, as you would tell a pack horse he has done well. At the end of the show we go down to a sea of false smiles emenating from the actors, applauding us at our months of hard work, even more then they know really. But this is the life of a techie, the hard, yet rewarding work. These people I am proud to call my friends, most are accepting, fun, and would never dare stab you in the back. Next is the band geeks, which is one of the more interesting groups I have encountered. usually fun loving people that know how to cut loose.

but also have a strong work ethic when the need arises. They usually have a large amount of respect for us being arts people as well. Though band itself like theater is full of little cliques and subcultures, usually the individual sections sticking together not venturing out of the pack. Next is the choir kids…

a group I have the rather unpleasant at times privilege shall we say, oh dealing with. The kids themselves are usually rather fine, though they are rather mindless at times, just following orders. The teacher on the other hand is a sheer dictator, whose disrespect rains upon me like monsoon season. I find this to be one of the most utterly shocking of all things, while techs are generally disrespected it is very rarely as outright as with her, students we have begun to just expect it from, but teachers generally at least mask it; Yet no not get, she has an open disdain for tech, which is rather sad, as it is within our power to deny her a good show, even use of our auditorium. Lest us not forget the biggest cliche of all though.

…the popular; these are the kids who know all the latest gossip, and spread it as well. These are the kids who dare to set the “trends” and tell people they don’t fit in. These are the kids who would constantly contemplate your downfall.

These are the kids who can ruin a reputation with their pointless drabble. These are the kids who gloat in their “superiority” when really they are the people who will very likely go no where in life. These are the popular kids. I suppose i find many groups annoying, though not without cause. This is not meant to be a paper of disdain, more appropriately it is a paper of opinions, seen from my own eyes.