Historical Injustices and Sacrifices

Throughout Tempe history many people have faced injustices and had to make many sacrifices. These events have really molded the city we live in today, as well as the people. The injustices our earlier generations have faced made major impacts on what we do today.

The Mexican-Americans for example had to go to a school just for Mexican kids. They got in trouble for speaking Spanish and had a hard time communicating. 8th street school, as it was called, for Mexicans was always a year or two behind on education. African-Americans got treated a little better but were still discriminated against. Most people didn’t sell to black people and didn’t want them around. Some people would still call them names and whatever.

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When America joined the war Japanese-Americans were treated like they weren’t American at all. Many Japanese people were put in camps and most had to move so they wouldn’t have to go to the camp. These people were even banned from going certain places like the store, and neighbors had to go get them what they needed. Many people had to sacrifice many things in their life as they grew up and even as adults. As kids they had to give up speaking their own language they grew up talking.

They couldn’t do all the things they wanted because of racial matters. The Japanese were even forced out of their homes. Some had to quit their jobs, and close down stores and things they owned. People who were rightly citizens of America had to give up the education they deserved, money, homes, and language. Everything that makes them what they are to make our lives better.

Tempe families had to face many injustices and had to make many sacrifices. They had to give up things and live lesser than everyone else. This really changed how we live in our lives today and the things we can and cannot do.