The Analysis of Mi Ultimo Adios Using Historical

We choose to analyze the poem “Mi Ultimo Adios” by Jose P. Rizal with the use of both “historical and sociological approach” since both of these approaches is somewhat interrelated in the sense that they both viewed literature as a reflection and an expression of man’s feeling within a given social situation and it is also a product of circumstances undertaken by an individual.

We strongly believe that these two approaches are the keys to have a better understanding and appreciation of the poem since it flashes back the timeline and the historical situation in which this poem written. The poem My Last Farewell can be analyzed under historical and sociological approaches because this historical piece of literature was written by Rizal during his imprisonment under the oppression of the Spaniards. It was written in Fort Santiago a night before his execution at Luneta Park. That’s the reason why the poem is entitled “Mi Ultimo Adios” which literally mean My Last Farewell.

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This famous literary piece was written due to the given social situation where in he witnessed the slavery, cruelty and brutality towards his beloved fellowmen. Rizal expresses his willingness to die for his motherland and bids goodbye to his love ones, his country and to all people whom he cared for.

He wishes that the youth of today will continue what he had just started for the independence that he had fight for and he is also thankful of some Filipino’s who had just committed their lives for the love of their motherland.Mi Ultimo Adio Case Study

He never resented of putting his life in danger and was successfully executed his destiny which is to die for his country because of his determination and strong will of having reformation in political aspect for the equality between the Spaniards and the Filipinos. In his poem, he freed those words just to express what he had felt during the time that he is in the cell and knowing that it’s his last moment that he will devote his life to his country yet his cry-laden agendum was not yet fulfilled.