Historical Developments for Psychology

Developmental psychology looks at the characteristics and acts as they first appear; the study also looks at how and when the behaviors change. Psychology is believed to have emanated during the ancient civilizations of Egypt, china, Greece and India.

As a self conscious field, psychology is believed to have started around 1879 during the time Wilhelm Wundt built the first laboratory that was exclusively dedicated to psychological research. This was followed by work on study of memory by Hermann Ebbinghaus, the study of common sense by the American William James, and the development of classical conditioning procedures by Ivan Pavlov. There after the development of experimental psychology resulted in various application of psychology to various fields such as law, industry and other field. According to Hunt, psychology explains the role of cultural context in shaping the ideas that become dominant in a society at a particular time. Hunt also brings out the idea that validity of centuries of emotional exploration, methods and effectiveness of major forms of psychotherapy play a ver crucial role in human upbringing and is one true cause of human behavior (Hunt, M., 2007).

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How this week’s assignment build on the previously-covered topicThe series exposes how those who hold political office or are in power are using the feud theory in an attempt control the dangerous crowd during the mass democracy period. In the century of self, Adam Curtis applauded the series of scrutiny of the rise of the self consumption self against the backdrop of the Freud dynasty. In both the business and political world, the success or satisfaction of the self is seen as the ultimate goal of democracy where power seen to have moved to the people. Even though people feel that they are empowered the reality is they are not. In this series we see the untold stories of controversies that guide or govern the mass consuming community in the British and United States.

The series too unravels the mystery behind the all-consuming self creation, who the creator is and in whose interests. The feud dynasty is seen to be at the heart and soul of persuasive social history. The key perrsonalities in this field include Sigmund Freud, who is the initiator of the psychoanalysis, we have Edward Bernays, and the creator of Public relations, Anna Feud, the daughter of Sigmund daughter is a guru in public relations. Mathew Freud is among the forces behind the bubbling and potentially murky world of the subconscious mind that has really changed the world. The introduction of the tool that can probe the subconscious mind has enabled the understanding the secret desired that drive the masses.

Accidentally, this work has acted as the basis to the world full of politicians to play around. The marketing industrialist and the society are holding the belief that the pursuit of self satisfaction and happiness are human`s ultimate goal.Knowledge or experience outside this course From the film we are seeing how the behavior of masses can be tapped into a vehicle to attain ones interest. The understanding of the crowd behavior can be useful when one wants to control the masses. The human mind though complex, understanding how human mind works through processes like psychotherapy can be essential.