History of Music

As you’re listening to your music, you don’t stop the music to realize how music came to be. Finding out about music history can tell about the importance of the rhythm.

Seeing how music has changed throughout the years, and how instruments were made. Prehistoric times The first instrument was actually drums. There was no record of this at the time but it’s just hitting stones with sticks. The evolution of music was slow but the in 4000 BC, Egyptians created flutes and harps. Lyres and doubled-reed clarinets was created in 3500 BCE.

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The first trumpet was called “natural trumpet.” the trumpet was invented in Denmark 2500 BC. One of the most favorite instruments, the guitars, was created in 1500 BC. In records, the first music on paper was in 800 BC. It was written in religious hymn which is called cuneiform.

There were records of songs in 700 BC, using instruments. Ancient Rome and Greece There was no coincidence that Greece pick up music because it’s classical art. The person that invented the octave scale was a famed mathematician Pythagoras. In 400 BC the common spectators were often the trumpets. The music theory’s foundation was in Greece.

This genius is still studied to this day, in 350 BC Aristotle wrote on music theory Middle Ages In the 600 CE the catholic religion has a long history with musical arts after Rome fell. Pope Gregory built the first musical school in Europe. Music was progressing in China, thespecific music in this period in China is still unknown. In 650 CE “Neumes” was the new system of writing music at this time. 144 years later the first singings school opened, making musical vocation more popular.

Guido D’Arezzo improved the music theory in 1000 CE. Guido D’Arezzo also did the vocal note scale. Folk music was looked down upon as a blasphemous in 1100 CE when the new movement began. Renaissance In the renaissance the printing press made it easier for composers to profit from their music with great ease. The greatest musical mind were produced during the Renaissancebecause music started to change drastically in this era.

Conclusion If it wasn’t for music we would be living in communities. Music was one of the forms of education. Music composers produce books with the printing press. Music played a large role in hout history to make us the people we are today!