Hogwarts: The Best College of Them All

Nowadays, the idea of college that’s been looming in the distance the past couple of years is finally coming to surface. You might find yourself surfing the web or looking through brochures, not really sure how to process all of the information you’re being bombarded with. In my case, every college I look at seems to be a good choice for different reasons. Sometimes they seem out of my league, sometimes they’re just around my level. All of these stressful decisions are making me worry about the future constantly.

With all of this indecisiveness, sometimes I just wish I could go to school at Hogwarts. When I think about it, Hogwarts was always my first conception of what a college might be like. You left your home to attend it, lived in a big castle, and had dormitories in your own house. I always hoped that my future university would have large, castle-like buildings and be situated in a place that had a lot of snow. I think that whenever I look at a college, I’m subconsciously comparing it to Hogwarts.

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It would be a dream come true to be able to enroll in the best school of witchcraft and wizardry. What better way to avoid the anxiety of being a part of the unemployed generation than learning magic? Though it’s impossible, going to Hogwarts seems like a pretty nice way to sidestep all of this complicated college business.