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THE PURPOSE OF SEEKING UNDOCUMMENTED KNOWLEDGE Parent, says that the nature of undocumented personal knowledge consists of the facts that most persons in a given society would not like others to know concerning them. These individuals may not mind a few relatives, professional associates or close friends knowing these facts, but would be much concerned if this information spread beyond this limited circle. Such facts may include and not limiting to drinking or drug habits, sexual preferences, taste of his/her marriage, income or health. This main purpose of seeking this knowledge is for government welfare programs, efficient law enforcement and to incorporate it into modern technology so as to come up with a solution for problems such as Disaster Risk Reduction.

THE LEGITIMACY AND IMPORTANCE OF THE PURPOSE Seeking undocumented knowledge as mentioned is particularly relevant in that life has become more intense and complex due to the advancing civilization has rendered man more sensitive to publicity, and solitude and privacy are now more essential to the individual. Undocumented knowledge sought from the experts in incorporated with technology and innovations to come up with solutions to problems arising in the workplace and the society. If THE KNOWLEDGE SOUGHT THROUGH INVASION OF PRIVACY ISRELEVANT TO ITS JUSTIFYING PURPOSE Invading privacy involves intentionally spying on someone. Privacy is a moral, good, and any act that results to the loss of privacy must be unethical. Nobody should investigate others’ private matters; only an individual possess the right to reveal his/her private life. It, also, is illegal to tell personal information about another person to a third party if this would cause emotional distress or embarrassment.

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HOW THE INVASION OF PRIVACY IS THE ONLY OR LEAST OFFENSIVE MEANS OF OBTAINING INFORMATION In the US today, people commonly use the “invasion of privacy” as a cause of action in the legal pleadings. The invasion consists of intrusion of solitude-electronic or physical intrusion into one’s private quarters, public disclosure of private facts, false light and appropriation.. If others obtain sensitive personal knowledge about someone, they will acquire power over the individual and could use the power to his advantage. Therefore, there is the possibility of exploitation; thus, the definite connection between invasion of privacy and harm explains why having undocumented personal information about oneself is of much value. However, there are less intrusive measures that can be used to obtain information where the personal facts sought are not forr justifying purposes.

These include compiling statistical data that concern significant behavioral trends. THE RESTRICTIONS OR PROCEDURAL RESTRAINS PLACED ON PRIVACY-INVADING TECHNIQUES. Indiscriminate invasions violate the right to privacy. These occur when one imposes insufficient procedural safeguards on the technique employed. This may result to exposing all sorts of personal information or some totally irrelevant personal or business facts to the wrong party.

Therefore, caution should be taken while performing these actions. Attention should be given to the way one designs an experiment; to maintain scientific validity, meet the ethical requirements and still yield the necessary knowledge required.HOW, THE PERSONAL KNWOLEDGE, WILL BE PROTECTED ONCE ACQUIRED Once acquired the information it is suppose to be stored in data banks. The information may be stored in magnetic tapes and stored in the welfare department. In a court case, they later destroy them when the hearing is over. In the workplace, different types of personnel information should be kept in different files in order to reduce the chances of any personal information from getting out of the limited circle.

The information should be segregated, and the human resources department develops security access procedures for these files.