Homeless Children

How do you wake up every morning? You probably get out of your warm and comfortable bed, go to the bathroom brush your teeth and take a shower. You then head to the kitchen and have a rich and filling breakfast as you get ready to go to school. That sounds like a pretty normal way to start your day doesn’t it? You may think that it sounds normal and that’s how all kids start their day, but guess what that’s not the case.

Lets now try to visualize how a homeless child would wake up every morning.Bob is a 12 year old boy who lost both of his parents at a very young age and has now been reduced to sleeping on the scorching streets of Riyadh. He wakes up every morning on the sizzling sidewalk on the side of the road. He hasn’t brushed his teeth or taken a proper shower in years, so he sits on the sidewalk and watches as people pass by glancing at him in disgust and hopes that somebody would give him enough money to have a proper meal. Although, most days that is not the case, so Bob resorts to the dumpster across the street in hope that he can find some left over food to eat. Of course Bob cannot afford the tuition to go to a school like AIS-R, so he spends the majority of his day begging for money on the streets.

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According to UNESCO there are 150 million children living on the street around the world.Everybody should care for one another. You may say; Why do I need to take I stand? I don’t even know these people. Just Imagine it was your brother or your sister on the street begging for money. If that were the case then I’m sure that you would take action right away.

Think about it, if you would do it for someone you love why not do it for of the 150 million kids around the world who need your help. Change takes time, it’s not going to happen right away, but anythings possible. Spread awareness to a friend, your family, or even a colleague. You need to start the change, I need to start the change, our community needs to start a change.When thinking of the future most people would think of a world where things could only get worse.

Most people would think that these children will never have a home, And worst of all most people would imagine a future where these children will never be able to escape the cycle of poverty. These people only think this way because they aren’t willing to take a stand. I can imagine a future where all children have food to eat and clean water to drink. A future where every child has a bed to sleep in at night. A future where I can walk through the street and not see a single child begging for money. We all need to take matters into our own hands today.

I’m sure many of you are still unconvinced and are thinking; How can I make an impact. Although in this day and age the answer is right in your pockets. I’m sure that everybody in this room has a phone and nowadays everybody has social media, why not post a picture on instagram or share a message on Facebook. I am sure that some people in this room are going to forget about this speech when they leave this room today, but I do also know that this message will stick in some of your minds.

Remember change will only start with you, me, and our community.