Jane Addams and Children’s Rights: Giving Children Their Rights One Child at a Time

1.THESIS STATEMENT Present the project’s argument or interpretation in two sentences.

If you are using the NHD theme, you might want to make it evident in your thesis statement. Jane Addams used her compassion for these children, dedication, and knowledge to reform the philosophy of children’s rights throughout the nation. 2.SUMMARY OF PROJECT Briefly explain your project and its conclusion.Include:How and why did change happen and what was the impact?Why is it historically significant?What historical meaning or importance can we learn from your findings? My project is on Jane Addams and her efforts towards children’s rights at the Hull House and throughout the nation. Addams was determined to help immigrant children any way she could.

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She devoted her life to help children and increase their rights and freedom. She did this because she saw a situation that needed to be changed, so she fought to change it herself. Children had a place to live, someone who cared for them, and laws that protected them. It is historically significant because the Hull House was created and the children still have rights. These immigrants had nothing when they arrived; they were living a hopeless life until they came here.

Addams turned their lives around. We can learn that Addams was a dedicated woman who wanted to make change and she did it. 3.Required for projects using the National History Day theme only. Explain how this project integrates the NHD theme “Leadership & Legacy in [Chicago/Illinois] History” into its argument.

Today, Jane Addams is a well-known leader. She devoted her life towards helping immigrants in any way she could. Her legacy is huge and well-known. Her greatest accomplishment is the Hull House. She created this settlement for people to live, work, socialize, and just a place that they can always go to. If Addams did not create the Hull House, these immigrants would have had absolutely nothing.

4.PROCESS What historical question did you start off with—and how did it change once you began doing your research? Who was Jane Addams and what was her legacy? My question did not really change, just specifically towards children’s rights. What kinds of sources did you use as evidence to develop your argument (for example, letters, photographs, government documents, interviews, etc.)? Books, online research, photographs, and notes from the Hull House tour Select one piece of evidence that you used and explain how it influenced your argument. “The Progressive Era was the desire of reformers to protect children from laboring in industries with unsafe working conditions for children.” It influenced my argument because Addams had a philosophy of children and she did not see children fighting for child labor laws in it.

List libraries (other than school), museums, and other institutions that you visited to do your research. Park Ridge Library Niles Library Morton Grove Library UIC Library Hull House