Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children

Children of all ages are abused in the united states. Through the years 9.2 children out of 1000 were found abused , about 1560 children died of abuse or neglect throughout these years . Parents are hold responsible for 80% of the child abuse that has been given their child . 70% of children that die from child abuse are mostly under 3 years old.

Mothers abuse their children twice as worst as fathers abuse children . Children are getting abused in different types of ways such as Physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, economic abuse , mental abuse , and sexual abuse .PHYSICAL ABUSEOne of the main things that are used to abuse people is physical abuse . Physical abuse is used by kicking , punching , biting , slapping , choking , threatening to harm you , using weapons , throwing things ,breaking things , punching walls or doors , driving recklessly , burning , cutting , pulling hair , stabbing , strangling , and most of all murder . All of these different types of physical abuse are used every year on children younger than 5 years old , or even people older . Physical abuse is things that cause injury , pain , or impairment , also even assault , battery and inappropriate restraint that are non-accidental (“Is This Abuse?”).

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As studies say “one third of children who experience physical abuse are also at risk to become abusive as adults.” That means that if parents or any other guardians of that child keep abusing children in differents ways , it may lead on to that child’s life .EMOTIONAL ABUSEEmotional abuse is an abuse that is lead by insults , put downs , intimidating you , embarrassing you in public , talking down on you , not listening or respecting your feelings , even making threats . Emotional abuse can also be called psychological abuse and mental abuse.There are many causes of emotional abuse such as children living with a constant fear or sorrow , it can hold back a child’s mental development .

It also can give a reason for them not to be able to feel and express a full rang with the rightemotions of their age .Many children can be embarrassed about them having to deal with emotional abuse.VERBAL ABUSEVerbal abuse is almost like emotional abusebut , verbal abuse can be used as yelling , shouting , swearing , continuously arguing, talking over you , put downs ,using loud and threatening language , name calling , mocking you over and over again , and abusive anger . Many people don’tknow when verbal abuse is happening to them most of the time . Verbal abuse stops kids from learning in the correct way ,if being abused is the only thing on their mind .

Some parents might notice the change when verbal abuse happens because of their child’s grades , behavior or any other changes that they notice . Most parents change the difference that they saw as soon as they saw it , instead of letting the verbal abuse still go on .CONCLUSIONInto a summary all the abuses such as physical abuse, emotional abuse , and verbal abuse all rhurt children in different ways . They all are also used in different ways. The most common abuses are physical and emotional abuses.