Child Abuse in America

“The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act” states’ that “child abuse is the leading cause of death in children under the age of eighteen.” (Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act 1) We all have a responsibility to take care of children, even if they’re not our own.

We need to get more awareness about child abuse throughout America. Every year children are dying because of physical abuse. If only someone saw a sign of abuse and stepped in to help, some of the children that were killed would be alive today. In 2009 there were an estimated 736,000 children that were the victims of abuse. Another estimated 1770 kids were killed from child abuse that same year.

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If you were put in the position to help a child out that you felt was being abused, would you? Most people would say yes. The truth of the matter is, you would think twice about helping the adolescent. You would begin to question yourself if it is the right thing to do, you might just let it slide for now. This is what I think is wrong. If you even have a slight idea a child is being abused, something obviously let you believe that the child was in danger. You can help a child survive.

You are the solution to this nationwide issue. Many states don’t tell people adequate information about child abuse. They fail to tell people the correct amount of children being hurt each year. Let alone being physically abused to the point of death. They don’t want people believing that its happening as often as it does.

(Report faults many states on child abuse policies 1) Many want to help but are not sure when to step in. Sometimes there is the people who just want to stay out of other’s business or they don’t know how to tell if the child is in danger in the first place. How can you begin to look for signs of abused children? Start off with the obvious, bruises, cuts and unexplainable injures. Neglected children will be very quiet and seem to be out of place most of the time. They might have anger or emotional issues that could affect the social wellness of the child in school.

In the article At Issue: Child Abuse it states “abuse causes immediate / long term negative effects. A child that’s abused has many side effects. They are not like the rest of the children in class.” (At Issue: Child Abuse 1) So not only are these children having the effects now. They will have these negative effects long into the future.

When, and if, you see these signs in children your must tell someone, whether it’s the school at which the child goes to, the local DHS office or an officer. Don’t be scared to get into their business. No matter whom you tell your name will always stay anonymous, unless you choose otherwise. Some main signs of abuse could be “Changes in behavior, extreme mood swings, withdrawal, fearfulness and excessive crying bed-wetting, nightmares, fear of going to bed or other sleep disturbances, acting out with inappropriate sexual activity or showing an unusual interest in sexual matters, a sudden acting out of feelings or aggressive or rebellious behavior, regression to infantile behavior; clinging, school or behavioral problems, changes in toilet-training habits, a fear of certain places.(Warning Signs of Abuse 1) These things are what to look for in a child that you believe could possibly be a victim of some sort of abuse in there house hold. You could be the one to save them.

Imagine if you were the victim of neglect and abuse. How would you feel if you silently beg for help every day? Hoping that maybe someone would notice you out of the crowd and save you. You can be the solution to this nationwide problem. Helping one child out will grow to a dozen children and so on. All because you picked up the phone, or told someone else that you suspect something was up with this child’s family. The more Americans that are aware of this issue, the more children we can help each year.

There is no reason for these kids to be afraid to go home tonight. Today is the day that we can all notice a child seeking help?