" The Negative Effects of Child Abuse"

Do you think that you could walk a mile in the shoes of an abused child? Kids have been abused are mentally and physically hurt. Many kids are more closed about their lives. The purpose of this essay is to show how kids who have been abused do not live a comfortable life.

Kids that have been abused are mentally and physically hurt; therefore they may develop disabilities such as not walking or talking hearing and seeing. They may feel that their lives are over and that they cannot trust anyone. Many kids feel alone, so they are more closed and scared to talk about their lives. They feel scared, for they think that if they say how they feel for something worst can happen to them. On the other hand, the kids do not feel comfortable sharing their life with people that can help them.

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They may think that if they say something wore can happen to them. They feel alone and they think no one can or will understand them. Kids that are abused start to develop mentally and physically hurt. Also, kids become emotionally stressed out. Children are not happy about their lives. When they are abused.