Children's Rights

According to the “Proclamation Declaration of the Rights of the Child,” a child should be able to enjoy their rights of special protection, benefits of social security, an education, and be provided with protection against abuse. Many children’s rights are oversighted and some are maltreated and victimized by their guardian. By depriving a child of their human rights, it unjustly denies them their right of equality among other age groups in society. Every child is ensured the same rights as anyone in their society and protected by the “Proclamation Declaration of the Rights of the Child.” According to Principle 1 that was proclaimed by the general assembly resolution 1386 (XIV) in 1959, a child should not be denied right or discriminated based on “race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national, or social origin, property, birth or other status, whether of himselfor his family”(Walther).

Also each child is entitled to an education where “his general culture [is promoted] and enable him, on a basis of equal opportunity, to develop his abilities” and other skills “to become a useful member of [his] society” (Walther). From Principle 8-10, a child should “receive protection and relief” from “all form of neglect, cruelty, and exploitation” and should not be discriminated in any form (Walther). All of these principles in the ‘Proclamation Declaration of the Rights of the Child” sums up the majority of all the privileges each child should obtain. Since all adults and children are both human being, they should have identical rights. If not, they aren’t it is against all the natural and unalienable rights stated in the Declaration of Independence and the Proclamation Declaration of the Right of the Child.

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According to Principle 9, a child should be protected for being abused and neglected. Jeremy Yachik reported for beating up his teenage daughter for eating carrots. In addition for beating her up, he also “binded her hands with zip ties, locked her in the laundry room, and force-feeding her hot sauce” for just refrigerated carrots (Robert). From the police report filed by Yachik’s ex-fiance, Yachik’s daughter “suffered [excruciating] pain and almost passed out from being choked in this incident”(Robert). Jeremy Yachik has disregarded the ninth principle in the Declaration of Rights of the Child by abusing his child, which is inhumane.

He shouldn’t punished his child for eating healthy. He should be overjoyed that she’s eating healthy rather than eating unhealthy things like candy and junk food. As a consequence, he is charged with child abuse against his daughter. He didn’t serve any jail time, which unfair since he committed a barbarous act. According UNICEF, “an estimated 57 million primary school-age children are not in school” (Stand).

Many children all over the world are unable to have an education because their family are too poor to send them to school, have to help their parents out, or even have a job to support their family. Some are not even allow an education. For example, many girls in Pakistan aren’t allow to school, but Malala Yousafzai was an exception. There was a consequence for Yousafzai for going to school. She and two other students were shot while getting out of the school bus.

This contradict a part of Nelson Mandela’s speech where he says all children should have a “free and quality education” (Mandela). No matter what race, gender, color, status, religion, and political beliefs, every child should be grant a quality education, where they develop different type of skills and learned. Some people believe that children shouldn’t have rights like education, protection, benefits of social security, special treatment if physically, mentally, or socially handicapped, and many more other rights because they aren’t charged as an adult. Certain people thinks it’s fine to neglect or ignore a child’s rights. They think it’s alright to beat an adolescent for fun or for no reason because the person isn’t old enough to defend him or herself. There is no reason to harm a person no matter if they are a child or an adult.

Everyone is a person who should be treated the way they wanted to be treated. A child shouldn’t be denied any rights given to every individual. A child is like everyone else and should not be treated differently than everyone else. Documents like the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, the Declaration of Independence, and organizations like UNICEF protects everyone’s rights. If neglect or overseen, there is major and legal consequences that follows.

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