Everyone Should Have the Same Rights

In my opinion, Fredrick Douglass his values are education. He strongly believes that education is the key to everything and makes the difference between a simple slave who can just follow orders and his master or “owner” who can give orders and knows how to make money.Douglass was a simple slave with no education and would not have had any future if he didn’t teach himself how to read and write.

Through his education he was able to end his miserable life as a slave and start a new one as an author. He realized how he was being tricked all the time and abused, but through educating himself he no longer faced these struggeles. He could make his own choices and wouldn’t let himself getting tricked anymore. Education gave him power. Power that both was dangerous for him, but also saved his life.

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It was dangerous to have that power because it gave him a sense of freedom which he shouldn’t have according to society. The freedom to make his own picture about society. Before, he believed that he being a slave was just how his life was. And there is nothing to change about it. But with his knowledge, he knew he was meant for something better then just a slave for someone else.

He knew that being a slave wasn’t his life and he knew that he had to make a change.So what do I believe in? What are my values? I really am not quite sure. I don’t really have values which I followed my whole life… that being said I do believe that everyone should have the same rights.

Everyone should be treated the same way no matter if rich or poor if white or dark skinned. I believe that everyone should be able to follow his believes. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, it should just be accepted by society and nobody should be left out. That doesn’t mean you have to like their believes, it just means you have to respect them. I also strongly believe that everyone should have a right to express his or her opinion.

The right of freedom of speech. I strongly believe that everyone should be able to have all of these values.