The Feeling & Joy of Giving

Happy, shocked, surprised, excited. These are all feelings of accomplishment.

A sense of accomplishment that helps achieve a person’s vital goal. Whether the goal is a social, education, financial, etc. It is the sense of pride and excitement that brings out the passion for community service. Such as a heart beat that feels as if its about to beat out of your chest. That heart beat is the feeling of excitement that brings out the best in a person. That passion and spirit is a vital element to achieve one’s goals.

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It is when your let in awe of how you were able to help. That your help is needed. Community service is doing just that for me. It made me feel a sense of comfort. A sense of feeling a bit as ease from worrying too much. A sense of passion that has show me that I my volunteer service is doing a positive on my community.

I am currently a Tecolote Canyon National Park and Nature Center volunteer in addition to volunteering with my communities International Key Club organization. I did not decide to devote my time volunteering because I simply had to. My reason for becoming a devoted volunteer was much simpler; I learned that every little bit counts. Every little bit as small as just showing up to read stories books to children in hospitals, serving meals to the elderly for an hour, or even educating the public about the nature and how to help preserve it. It all helps in its own way. One way to find out is trying it for yourself, but another way is to read how community service is a vital and important element in my life.

Sometimes I feel comfort and a sense of belonging when volunteering. Once a wise man told me that “Those who help the unfortunate are really helping themselves.” I have always thought about this quote throughout my community service partaking. My reasoning was that when helping others overcome there financial and personal worries I am creating skills such as becoming a leader in my community that someone can look up to, for then I can learn how to put others before myself. Without doubt, joining Key Club and volunteering at the Nature Center I became to realize a change in myself.

I have become happier. I have become free and much less shy. I have become a new and improved person even though I was not sure what my approaching path was. I currently enjoy interacting with the families in their community as a volunteer International Key Club member and guiding children to a unforgettable learning experience with animals as a Nature Center Volunteer. My interest lies in the Environment, which officially began as a junior volunteer and logged in Saturdays for volunteer work at the Nature Center.

It has grown in other capacities such as informing families about animal habitats, as well as becoming a volunteer member at my communities local Key Club organization. I am passionate about the environment, so for over two years I have volunteered for hours, giving animals a voice by assisting the Center Director and Park Rangers with guided tours for children and wildlife presentations for visitors. Once I saw a smile in the eyes of the families, I was hooked. I thought I could not spend enough time talking about what spirit each community has through writing and art in each of the families culture. I continued my weekly visits to the center for over a year. Over that time period I became very attached to the to the staff members, fellow volunteers, and the community.

I looked forward to listening to each of their stories. Through my visits, I have learned the importance of giving, but more importantly I have learned the value of the human contact. The experience of knowing that those constant visits greatly contribute, gives me a urge that helping people makes my body tremble with excitement. These visits have given me a chance to experience and see for myself that joy and a look of pure bliss that those families have that look one their face. That it that same heart beat feeling that I have talked about earlier.

That feeling as when your heart feels as if its about to beat out of my chest. That look of pure bliss that has somehow spread onto my face. This feeling is never going to go away. This feeling I would not even want to go away. This feeling is something that I will always get to treasure that no one can take away.

Luckily, I was given the opportunity to serve my communities that has taught and is still is teaching me a valuable lesson. Community service can provide a feeling of accomplishment that brings out the best of everyone. Just knowing that you are making a difference in someone’s life is a everlasting feeling. Realizing that community service is something that spreads and effects not only me, but also those around me such as a ripple effect in the water has also been a valuable lesson that I have learned. Now I am currently still volunteering at the Nature Center and as a Key Club member and will be volunteering at different associations such as hospitals. I value myself and believe through my own experience that community service is a crucial and important element for the development of a young teen.

Community service is an experience I treasure. It is a gift that I get to experience and will continue to experience. It is something that I do recommend to experience first as a young teen in what a person’s feels more interested and inspired by to make a change in their lives. Community Service is making a change in my life that has become and important element in my life that I feel passionate about. Volunteer is something that I will never change and continue to do throughout my life.