Homes of the Future

The future home is made of a lot of ideas that are futuristic and most of them for now are just still on theory level. Some of the features to be put up will include gadgets and technologies which will make work easier in the homes.

But this home will become more secure and friendlier environment due to less accidents and more eco friendly zone. Carbon output in the future homes should be as minimal as possible and by this the use of renewable energy will be key and the best option in this case will be solar energy that is 100% eco-friendly and renewabe and this will be achieved by the use of solar panels. For example instead of using heater to warm the homes, the use of carbon fibers can be applied to act as an insulation device in harsh climates.The size of the homes will be another important factor to be considered as the population rises steadily getting a house in cities will become harder hence the need to built homes consuming lesser space and some of the areas which will affected are the living area whose space will have to decrease or be merged with bed room. The use of water will be immportant as clean water is becoming a limited commodity with each day hence the homes will have to be fitted with fitments which consume less water to reduce the consumption.

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Due to the increased demand for housing in the future, the demand for space will increase meaning creation of gardens or such additions will decrease hence the idea of having gardens on top of the roofs for growing flowers, herbs or even vegetables and making the cities much greener and cleaner as plants do purify the air in the aeration activities.