Hydrogen, The Fuel of The Future

Hydrogen, The Fuel of The Future Today, gas is becoming scarce and temperatures are rising. Over the past 100 years the planet temperature has risen about 1.5?. Although this doesn’t sound like much, at the rate we’re going by the year 2050 the earth’s average temperature will most likely rise 7.

2?. This is just enough to have an average winter for Crested Butte be like the winters of 2014, 2012, and 2010, which were considered to be drought years. This is also just enough to create freak weather patterns. We could be seeing Crested Butte bone dry, then six feet deep in mud the next day. Think about that! Thats a LOT of rain for one night. With hydrogen we can stop this from happening because we can almost reverse the problem and we can become sustainable.

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Hydrogen is a flammable gas that can be used with oxygen in an internal combustion engine to create a driving force. Hydrogen can also be used to create an electrical charge. These processes are done by putting an electrical charge through water (add an electrolyte for best results) to split water molecules into two hydrogen one oxygen, they can be immediately reconnected to create an electrical charge to power an electric motor and output a small amount of water. Hydrogen can also be put directly into an engine with oxygen to create an explosion to move a piston and output a small amount of water vapor. This gas combination is called HHO or hydroxy or oxyhydro. Hydrogen is a major contributor to energy.

It doesn’t take muchto create the most abundant fuel on earth. The only question is why we don’t use this fuel today? Hydrogen has a promising future for the earth because it is clean and very abundant. Hydrogen fuel cells run 100% on water. They have a by product of freshwater. There is no worries about running out of water, and the excess water can be reused. Oil companies keep dumping millions of gallons of water down oil wells a day to fill them.

We are running out of water so let’s stop polluting it and start making it fuel and filtering it at the same time. The world needs a sustainable efficient fuel source and its been sitting in front of us the whole time. Its Hydrogen. Its byproduct is water and it produces energy 30-50% more efficiently than fossil fuels. We need to convert as soon as possible.

Water is made up of two hydrogen and one oxygen. If we split this we get one oxygen gas and two hydrogen gas. If we add heat to both gases we get an explosion. This explosion is caused by the hydrogen and oxygen releasing their energy and recombining. From this process we get water vapor. If we control this explosion, we can power a small internal combustion engine.

If we take hydrogen and add oxygen, this creates an electrical current which can power an electric engine. After this electrical circuit is created you are left with enough water to drink after driving only a few miles. This system can be used in housing for gas, heating, and filtration. Most common homes have and or need a system like this. Being self contained is efficient, practical, and sustainable. Today the world is changing and maybe today we can save it.

We need to start developing hydrogen fuel cells if we don’t want any more collateral damage done to our planet. We’ve passed the point of child’s play. It’s time to get serious about the place we live. We need to push toward alternative fuels that are sustainable and can be trusted to keep a clean future. Hydrogen is proving to be the best one yet. Tomorrow anything could happen that is why we need to make today be like the last and respect the life beneath our feet.