Homeschooling V.S Public-Schooling

Sick of distractions? Tired of seeing people you don’t like? Moved to different schools only have it to repeat all over again? If the answer is yes, homeschooling might be a good option to consider.

Homeschoolingis a good option to be included because there are different types of benefits that it offers for example, there are loose schedules, better environment, higher test grades are proven, and there is more freedom for the individual to experience. Based on research, homeschooling is a way to learn more effectively than public schooling. In fact,today, there are about 2.2 million students in the United States that are homeschooled and still growing. From the 1990’s to now, there has been a significant rise and growth in homeschooling.

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In the year 1990 there was approximately 250,000-385,000 students that were homeschooled. In 4 years after that in 1995-1996, surveys show that the amount of students nearly doubled making a total of 700,000 students. Later on in the years 2000-2001, the total doubled again making the total up to 1.5-2 millions students making homeschooling one of the top trends in the 2000’s, growing at around 15-20% each year. In the spring of the year 2010there was evidence that showed an estimated amount of 1.

73 million to 2.35 million kids were said to be homeschooled,but what was interesting was that 15% of the children were non-white and non-hispanic. School hours tend to be from around 7:00 am to about 9:00 am meaning that if you want to get ready like some of you girls out there you’d have to get up about what, half an hour, one hour earlier to do your hair and makeup? Luckily the guys have it a bit easier and only need ten minutes tops to get ready but, wouldn’t even a few minutes of sleep be better? Everybody needs sleep. I need sleep. You need sleep. The person next to you needs sleep.

Sleep is the one thing we all have in common. Sleep is when the body is able to repair and continue to develop. Oxford University Professor Russell Foster commented “cruel” saying “Forcing teenagers to turn up to school In the morning could result in more errors, poor memory, reduced motivation, and depression,” he also support that with “Teens would Achieve more if they were allowed to have a lie-in and not start their classes until the afternoon”. Unlike regular school hours home-schools can start whenever you wake up or feel like it. There’s no certain type of schedule or routine that you would have to follow,honestly, how the timing of home-schools is based on your preference, on what’s the best for you and you alone. As a result of the flexibility, our brains are able to continue to develop properly and who doesn’t want to have more sleep, I know I would.

Okay, now, picture this. You’re in your classroom and your teacher starts lecturing about something that you think is completely boring or have no interest in, you’re starting to doze off. Where do your eyes wander? Your friends? Something colorful in the classroom? Outside the window? Or maybe down at your desk? It’s okay to admit it, we’ve all been guilty of this at one point or another. When you think of homeschooling, what comes to mind? Home? School? Parents? When you compare the environment of public schools to home-schools, they can be completely different. For instance, homeschooling happens at home, how cool is that, you’re in the own comfort of your home. Let’s look at public schooling, what comes to mind? Teachers? Homework? Classrooms? Friends? Walking? Bullying? There are so many different things that go on everyday.

Home-school supports believe that the home is the most secure and safest environment to where a child is able to learn to their full potential. Homeschooling gives you a one-on-one experience with the person teaching whether it be your parents or a teacher teaching you. Since this is available to you, there is more questions that could be asked without the pressure of asking something “stupid” in front of the class.The curriculums that you take are completely up to you on how fast or slow you choose to go since it is a one-to-one and you’re the only student there. One thing that was interesting was that if the class you’re taking has something to do with a certain place or area, you’re able to go there.

For instance, let’s say you’re learning biology about something, you could then go to the zoo to learn about it there due to the fact that there’s biology at the school. A 14 year old boy, Ethan Rice was writing about how homeschooling has helped him succeed in life, he writes “Homeschoolings has taught me how to work independently and find information for myself”.. Statistics were taken and evidence shows that academics levels are higher in home-schools than public schools. On average they scored 37 percentile above public school students on standardized test, placing them to be around 62nd to 91st percentiles of national norms . There has also been a study conducted byDr.

Lawrence Rudner which stated that the 20,760 students that have been home-schooled throughout the entire period of schooling goes (k-12) had the highest achievement in academics ,especially in higher grades than the ones who weren’t .As a result of higher grades, there is a growing amount of homeschoolers being taken in by colleges all around. In public schools there are always rules to follow, you can’t do this you have to do this, you can’t wear that you have to wear this, the list just goes on and on. Home-schools can give you the benefit to have the freedom that you’ve been wanting ever since you could talk. Which means ladies, there’s no dress codes so say goodbye to the getting called down to offices, lectures about how short your shorts are, and how your bra straps are showing too much.

Don’t worry gentlemen I didn’t forget about you, if you want to sag your pants to the point where they hang by your ankles, do it, it is your house after all, but remember there is a teacher there. Our world is combined with all these different races, cultures and religions making making you different from the one next to you. Home-schools give you the opportunity to have more religious freedom by letting you fuse your religion with the academic work without the criticism of the people around the school. Bullying is another issue that schools tend to have but generally the entire world has, whether it be physical or verbal. Home-schooling can provide you with the emotional stability of not stressing out, helping you build up your self-esteem so it won’t have to “suffer” and there’s no pressure coming your way.

Most states in the United States are free-minded when it comes to what a student would want to learn first, although it does have to be something educational. If you chose homeschooling they would let you pick out what you would want to learn first and it doesn’t matter how you choose to learn it, but it does have to be related to the course that you’re taking. You’re probably thinking yes, home-schools do give a lot of freedom to us but what if we play sports, then what? No need to worry I have the answer. Home-schooled students take part in educational and social activities outside their homes with other people other than their parents, brothers, sisters, or family members. They do have sport teams that you can participate in and they go on trips to play other teams just like regular schools. They do give you the option to do community service and political drives which provide the characteristics that jobs and colleges do look for in a person.

Even though there are many benefits that comes along with homeschooling, some do argue that you wouldn’t meet the requirements to prepare you for the real world. Many people are skeptical about homeschooling because most of the people who are homeschooled are taught by their parents instead of certified teachers dued to the cost and the trouble that comes with it. Others do feel that since homeschooling is created to let you choose the pace on which you learn the course that you aren’t being fully challenged and because of that you wouldn’t be learning fully to the potential that you could be in order to excel academically. Basically slacking is what parents do think of. Life outside school and in school are completely different from each other. In school you don’t have to get along or work with anyone, you could do everything on your own ,have good grades and just pass without any trouble.

Outside school there is a “real world” and in this world you have to mingle and work with other people to get the job done. An example would be at any place you go there is always an employee with a boss, they would have co-workers, everyone is at least associating with one person. Public schools have this belief that a child should be taught how to interact and work with another individual if they want to build real, dynamic skills that would be needed in the world outside school. Homeschooling can also result in a financial crisis as well. Parents who decided to teach their own kids rather than pay a teacher to come over do have to take time off work or quit their jobs completely and have only one person work does put some stress on the family as well.

One parent would have to work full-time just to pay some of the bills. Although in all honestly, it doesn’t matter where you learn, going to public school or home-school, if you don’t want it learn, you’re obviously not going to learn. Homeschooling is more effective than public or regular schooling. Due to the fact that homeschooling’s population is increasingly getting high and higher does show significant evidence towards it. Homeschooling is a great way for figure things out on your own rather than someone telling you or setting up an expectation that you have to live up to even if you don’t want it. Homeschooling helps you figure out your “true self” or the person people want you to be.

Even today there are more than a million students just like you and me learning from home at their own pace but succeeding even more, haven’t you ever wondered why?. Ask yourself this, who are you and what do you want to do in life?