Homework Effectiveness

After school Program for Homework Most people believe that homework is a necessity for people whether it be a kindergartner or a college student study to be a mechanical engineer. Students these days spend too much time doing homework that they do not understand. When doing work in the classroom they have the ability to ask someone who knows more about the topic than they do such as the teacher or peers. When people do problems at home, if they think they are doing it right but in fact aren’t than they will only concrete the wrong way to do these problems.

If your child has ever asked you for help on their homework, than you know exactly what i’m talking about. This is why we need to create a club that these Students can join so that when doing their homework they can do it with the guidance of people who know how to do it. Your children are learning how to do the same problems in a very different way and if you help them it may actually slow their learning. You may not fully remember how to do the work so you may be filling them with false information. Although practice makes perfect, if you are practicing how to do something the right way you may still fail the test. When being corrected on each problem and shown the right way to do it, Students can learn quicker and more efficiently.

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Countries that have very little homework tend to test higher because the students are not practicing the wrong way to do something and therefore makes it easier for them to comprehend the right way when the teacher is teaching the class. Some people say that more homework adds to a student’s independence and teaches them responsibility.Homework teaches nothing if the students are doing it wrong instead it makes it harder for them to learn the correct way. Teachesthem the skills needed in the real world. There will not always be someone there to help them and they sometimes need to do work on their own.

Although this is true if they do their algebra wrong they may not have all the skills necessary to get said job. A homework club is only helpful if the student chooses to attend and is not forced. Students have to do the homework anyway and most students will find it much easier to do homework in the presence of peers as opposed to their bedroom or kitchen table. Many say that students might not have the time or the want for a homework club.Students need to do the homework anyway, so they might as well do it right in the presence of teachers and students who know what they are doing. Students will also complete their homework quicker and more effectively since they will be doing it the correct way with teacher and student assistance.

A after school program that allows students who need assistance to come together with teachers who want to help and peers who want to help. This will allow students to get their homework done in a healthy and intelligent environment where they can assure that they are getting their work done properly and get the help they need from people who are willing and have the knowledge to help them. This will also help the teacher in the classroom assure that the homework is getting done. This program will increase the understanding and completion rate for students and raise the grade point average across the board. Students need a place where they can do their homework and do it right as opposed to their parents helping them and concreting the wrong way to do their work.

This will best be achieved by an after school program that allows students to come in and get assistancefrom students who know what they’re doing and teachers who want to help the people they may not be able to help in class.