Homework Equals Stress

Have you ever had students sleep in your class, or not pay attention? Teachers believe that they have stayed up too late, but really they had to spend six hours doing pointless homework/projects their teacher assigned for them. The malignant homework causes students to fret about homework which causes them a hard deal of stress.

The students have to succumb to the despair of doing six hours of homework Monday-Friday and weekends. To the students the reverberating sound of the teacher, “Make sure you do your homework, it will only take twenty minutes,” keeps playing over and over in their mind. First of all even if the homework took twenty minutes, each student has about seven classes so that’s about 140 minutes. But the homework never takes twenty minutes if takes about forty minutes. Here are ten steps to keep the students focus and ready to learn: 1.

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The homework should not cause excruciating pain for the students. 2. Finish what you have to do in class don’t waste class with a respite. 3. The projects in class should be remote, spread them out or the students will do poorly, because they have no team to rest in-between projects. 4.

Students aren’t ubiquitous; they can’t do everything at once, if assigning homework only assign one or two worksheets a week. 5. Homework is a harbinger for learning, keep homework short, so they can finish it quickly but still understand it. 6. Make class interesting so the student will want to be focused and want to learn. 7.

Set about ten minutes at the end of class to go over the homework and have them get started on it. 8. In the beginning of every class ask if any students have questions about what they did for homework or the day before. 9. On Monday go over the schedule for that week, so students can get ahead start if they want.

This way they won’t thwart when there is a test or quiz. 10. Lastly, make the classroom a place where the students want to learn. These ten steps are proven to make the students at AHS more relaxed and focused, and no more sleeping in class. If you follow these guidelines I’m sure the students will be appreciated you took the time to make class more interesting.