Teen stress

Stress and depression is a serious issue amongst teens. On average teens spend about eight hours in school, two to three hours in extra-curricular activities, and about two hours on homework. They are expected to make straight A’s, making it more stressful since they have several classes to be held accountable for. And some being more important than others. This especially becomes more and more of a challenge in high school. NEED A SUBJECT understand thing since I’m also a teen in high school.

Its an understandable that this is the job that teachers and administrators are supposed to do and that they want their students to pass their courseS. But the amount of work that is piled up on students is stressful. Some teacher aren’t considerate of the student, for example a teacher would continue to give a lot of work and projects for his/her class while a student has something bigger going on in another class. Many would call this inconsiderate but maybe that teacher is passionate about their line of work or they may care about their students well being and wants them to pass their final exams. But in the end it is still pretty stressful to student. Sometimes the work is too hard.

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Sometimes the work can be unrelated to the unit. Sometimes the work can be useless. Sometimes the work can even be overbearing to a person, Their should be some compromise that should be made between teachers and students. Just something to relieve some of the stress that is put upon students.