Teen Loneliness

In today’s society teens experience loneliness in many different ways.

Stress could play a large role in this. Teens could often feel shunned by their peers if one doesn’t dress like another or if one’s hobbies aren’t the same as everyone else’s. Death can affect one’s life in a major way, causing extreme loneliness, in my case. There is a difference from being alone and being lonely. Stress in a teenager’s life can be a huge factor because a lot of teenagers haven’t developed well enough coping skills. Often stress can lead to some other bad habits to try and find a way to evade that stress for short periods of time.

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Smoking and other bad habits develop more often than not when stressed causing the teen to remain lonely because smoking is looked down upon by certain peers. This generation of teenagers revolves around materialistic things. If people dress the same they generally have some of the same interests. If you don’t fit in the category you could be made fun of constantly and often forced to sit by yourself. Some teens have a “me against the world” mentality; they feel like no one is on their side and that they have to get everything done on their own. Death can make a teen feel very lonely in an odd way.

I lost my girlfriend over this past summer it makes you feel like no one else matters. It changes your perspective on life in a many ways. You grieve at first and that’s the loneliest part of the whole process but then again it makes you want to live life to the fullest and stop being lonely and go do something with your life. In conclusion, loneliness affects many people everyday all around the world. Teen loneliness should not go unnoticed because it’s a serious issue it today’s society.

Stress, appearance, death and many other things all are factors of teen loneliness if we find a way to reduce these factors maybe there will be less lonely people in this world.