Teen Driving

Teen Driving is a good thing I believe.

I believe it is good because you get to become an adult when you start driving. You start becoming an adult because you are getting older and older every day and then you start wanting to drive, get married, and get a job. Teen Driving helps you become an adult. “But teen driving is bad because teens have lack of experience in driving so it is not safe for the other drivers that drive safe and someone that has lack of experience are driving on the same rode” in order for teens to gain experience they have to be on the roads so it’s not going to make a difference if you move age up to 17-18 because they still have lack of experience. If you want teens to gain experience the parents or guardian can drive with them to inform them.

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Strategies for teen drivers that make it safer on the roads. For teen drivers they made a device that lets the parents or guardians know where the teen is and if they are speeding or not. This device helps because a teen I looked up had no car accidents when she started getting this device and it makes the whole family feel safer and including her. Another way is they can just ride with a parent or guardian. The last strategies I have the teens can drive slow so they learn what and how other people drive.

This is why I think teen driving is good and can be safe if you try to make it safe. One thing I said was they need to drive when they think they’re ready because they need the experience to drive safer on the roads when they are adults. Another thing I didn’t mention was they want time away from everybody and when they want to go some were and their parents or guardian is not at home they can’t go. The longer they drive the better they get. That’s why I really believe teen driving is a good way to start driving when you are a teen.