Why not safe driving?

“Lol! lol! hahahahah…. So what’s up?” and “Hallo! How are you doing?” these type of messages kept coming at my IPhone. I did not reply to them because I was driving. Yes! I am considered being old fashioned, not texting while driving. I had recently watched a TV show regarding the major accidents that are caused by texting while driving.

Drinkers, smokers, young adults as well as adults text while driving too! In the year, 2011 at least 23% of auto collisions involved cell phones… that’s 1.3 million crashes. A big temptation for teens of drivers age 18-20 involved in car wrecks admitted to texting or talking on their mobile devices at that time of the crash. The justification that comes out of their time is that reading a text is safer than composing and sending one. They text message only at a stop sign or a red light. Hahahaha! What an amazing justification! The main thing that I have noticed is that these people don’t realize that when they drive fast or when they meet with an accident they are putting themselves in danger as well as the people on the road too.

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I can’t just understand that why aren’t there strict rules for the young drivers? I mean, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the people who break a driving law, he or she gets a 1000 Dirham fine that is equal to a $300 in American currency. The people there find it very difficult to pay this fine and so they avoid major accidents to occur. Drinkers have to understand that when they drink and drive on the road, it’s just not them who are driving on the road. There are other people driving too. There are so many accidents that occur mostly after 6:00 pm because after that many office workers and business man depart for their homes and it’s kind of like really not so busy after that time. One of the major issues that make people frustrated is the traffic in each city, in each state and in each country.

People should remind themselves that traffic can’t be avoided no matter what. It has to be faced by every human being living on this planet whether he is a business tycoon, celebrities, prime ministers or even a president too. And it’s likely to say that most of the traffic is often caused by the road accidents. Let’s look it at this way, suppose you’re sitting in a car and driving it and then you see that there is traffic ahead, you lower your speed and join the traffic lines, as you are heading to join the traffic lines some car rushes from the back and then bumps into you car! What will you do? You just met with an accident! You have a lot of injuries. It takes an hour to call an ambulance for you and the driver who crashed into you and you guys get to the hospital safely. Do you realize that what just happened? There were several cars that were behind your car waiting for your car to get moved from the main road.

They must have missed their important meetings, they must have missed their school, they must have missed their jobs! Why don’t you people understand that roads are made for public! Everyone uses it! When you do a mistake or when someone does a mistake the public has to suffer it because of you stupidity! I would end my debate by requesting you to drive safely and say no to texting while driving.